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Fresh Pressed Juices and Their Benefits

Nothing is quite as refreshing as a glass of fresh fruit juice, a healthy option when compared to colas and other energy drinks loaded with sugars and caffeine. No wonder then that in most households, fresh juices (sourced from both fruits and veggies) are now a staple find.

But is the pre-packaged long life “fruit” juice sitting on your kitchen top healthy? The pre-packaged juices found at the supermarket are not as nutritional as they are made to be. What render them as not-so-healthy are the added sugars, additives and preservatives used. These shelf-life extenders and taste enhancers deny your body the natural goodness and essential nutrients it needs.

If you are constantly on the go and don’t always have time for all you veggies and fruits, then fresh pressed juices are a great addition to your busy lifestyle. High on taste and loaded with key nutrients, fresh pressed juices keep you fuelled and healthy.


Fresh pressed juices are a delicious way to give your body its daily intake of soluble fibre. Soluble fibre is an essential nutrient that enhances digestion, helps in good bacteria growth, lowers cholesterol and regulates blood sugar for a healthy you.


Fresh pressed juices are liquid superfoods that help you flush out toxins and cleanse your body. Made from natural ingredients, fresh juices prevent toxic overload in the body and improve liver functioning.


Want naturally glowing skin? The high water content in fresh pressed juices work wonders in keeping you hydrated while supplying the essential nutrients to your body. By keeping the body hydrated, fresh pressed juices help to produce energy, keep your metabolism active, and also maintain the health and elasticity of your skin.


Unlike their over-the-counter bottled counterparts, fresh pressed juices are filled with natural sugar called fructose that aid in producing energy. This natural sugar does wonders in normalizing your blood sugar levels and keeps the hunger pangs away.


Fresh pressed juices aid in your weight loss programme and are a great way to load up on antioxidants, minerals, fibre and vitamins. Besides offering a host of nutrients, fresh pressed juices burn calories too.

With so many benefits under its belt, fresh pressed juices are a healthy and delicious addition to your daily diet. Try various combinations of fruits and veggies and sip on natural goodness.

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