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Eat Healthy - Stay Healthy this Winter

After the blistering summer, the cool winters are a welcoming change, aren’t they? The chili weather makes us want to indulge in our favourite comfort foods. The food that we generally crave adds to our calorie intake and layers of body fat – which is a big no-no. So how do you keep your body winter-ready? We have some simple and easy tips.

  • Stay Hydrated - Come winter, most of us often don’t feel the urge to drink water or any clean fluids. With almost 70% of our body being made up of water, staying hydrated becomes essential. Not providing the body with water steals it of the fluid levels. Sufficient amount of hydration is needed for the body to function at its best – even in winters. Fluids are needed for flushing out toxins. So, don’t wait till you are thirsty to grab a sip. Drink lots of water, soups, Laban, fruit and vegetable juices and stay healthy.
  • Pro Protein – Give your body the protein push during winters. Besides providing fuel to the body, proteins also help you combat the winter chill. So this winter stock up on protein-rich foods like fish, eggs, meat, spinach, sprouts, quinoa, legumes, pulses (chickpeas, soya beans, tofu, kidney beans, Brussel sprouts) and vegetables like carrot, spinach, beetroot and broccoli etc.
  • Vitamin C – Be it boosting your immune system or decreasing the dryness of your skin in winters, Vitamin C does all this and more. Unlike some vitamins, our body is not able to produce or store Vitamin C. Thus, daily intake of Vitamin C is extremely important. You can make this essential building block a part your daily diet by consuming yellow and orange fruits and vegetables like carrots, oranges, red pepper, papaya, strawberries, lemon, kiwi etc.
  • Nuts – Nuts and dry fruits are an easy snack option. Hassle-free and easy to carry and store, these little beauties come loaded with goodness that’s perfect for keeping you fit when the temperature drops. The nuts with their high concentration of healthy fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats), proteins and fibre trigger thermogenesis or heat production in the body. So next time when hunger pangs attack you, munch on some nuts and keep the winter chills away.
  • Spice It Up – Spices have always fascinated humankind. Besides adding loads of flavours to meals, they are also known to have benefits that come in handy during winters. Garlic, clove, ginger, turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, cardamom are known to have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. This makes them ideal in aiding against respiratory maladies like bronchitis and asthma that get aggravated during the winter.

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