Lunch and Dinner Plans

Say ‘NO’ to meal prepping, cooking, kitchen cleaning and grocery shopping woes with our healthy Lunch & Dinner Plans!

Designed to add convenience and health to your daily routine, our freshly prepared lunch ideas are great for office lunch just as our nutritive dinner options are a great way to unwind after a long day. Get to choose from an extensive selection of 30 dishes daily. Relish low-fat, high protein infused healthy meals with free dinner and lunch delivery at work or home at low prices.

Go for weekly lunch plans at AED 135 and monthly lunch plans at AED 500 only.

Our Wide Range of Cuisines for Lunch & Dinner Plans

Keto - Get the best of high-fat, adequate-protein and low-carb meals

Vegan – Nutrient-dense plant-based meals that fuel good health

Vegetarian - Relish nutritive meals offering a combination of plant and dairy products

Wholesome - Specially crafted meals high on protein and antioxidants that are a treat for your taste buds

International - Features famous healthy meals hand-picked from around the world

Arabic - Offers nourishing meals from regional cuisines made with local spice and ingredients distinctive of the Arab world

Indian - Best subcontinent cuisine offering vibrant low-fat dishes picked from India made with healthy Indian ingredients & traditional cooking methods

Flex - Unable to pick on a menu? No worries at all. Go for a blend of all 6 cuisines rolled into in 1 with Flex!

Calorie Counted Monthly Meal Plans

Want to achieve your health goals with ease? Opt for our Calorie-Counted Monthly Meal Plans and see the difference!

Get science-backed, chef-curated low-calorie full day meals (3 meals and 2 snacks) with free delivery.

Pick the calorie-counted meal plan that best suits your health goals and be a better, healthier and fitter version of yourself :

Uses fresh, whole foods closest to their natural form.
Maximum daily servings of fresh fruits & vegetables.
Only whole grains & whole grain products used.

Focuses on fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
High dietary fibre and reduced intake of saturated fat.

A healthy meal plan for weight loss offering daily calorie requirement, offers fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fat-free / low-fat dairy products.

Have a look Our Kitchen

Built in line with international health standards and fully HACCP and ISO22000 certified, our central kitchen is a state-of-the art facility that uses the most up-to-date equipment and cooking methods to deliver high-quality and healthy meals

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We are here Our Chefs

Meals On Me
Aatir Dhadalla
Indian Cuisine

Worked at Melia Whitehouse, The Savoy (London) & Melia, Dubai. Heads Desi Junction & is Managing Partner for other F&B brands.Draws inspiration from his rich experience and excels in presenting Indian cuisine in all its vibrant glory.

Meals On Me
Amro Al Yassin
Arabic Cuisine

Labelled as the Syrian Taste Maker in Gulf Gourmet magazine, Vice President of the Emirates Culinary Guild and a Certified Judge at the WorldChefs, Amro's reputation defines him as a top leader in our industry.

Meals On Me
Vanessa Bayma
International Cuisine

An award-winning chef, demonstrator, and F&B consultant based in Dubai. Chef Bayma's passion for cooking was born under her Sicilian grandmother's feet as a child and carried on throughout her professional career.