Offering Freshly, Healthy Nutritious daily meals
at your door-step

Welcome to Meals On Me

Make your month a little easier by planning all your meals at one time through Meals on Me. You can easily create your meal plan for the month and save time and money in the process by selecting from over 80 nutritionally flavour some balanced dishes.

Meals On Me – is a monthly subscription-based meal plan which was conceived in 2018 by Melvin Rodrigues a Managing Partner of the company who realized that there was a gap in the market for customers who simply want to have delicious healthy and nutritious meals, a no-hype, no-hassle meal delivery service for busy people who want to eat well and perform at their best. With the aim to help make happy tummys every day - the platform is offering an array of healthy, wholesome dishes from three different cuisines Indian, Arabic and international; each category is being headed by Dubai -based renowned Chefs like Chef Aatir Dhadalla, Chef Amro Al Yassin and Chef Vanessa Bayma.

M.O.M is designed for those who want to maintain a lunch routine with moderation and balance – but without the strict rules or fad diets because for healthy eating to become a way of life, it should be accessible, sustainable, inspiring and above all delicious. Each dish on the menu is carefully curated by our culinary experts using the finest and freshest ingredients available.