Start 2023 on a healthy note by ticking off your resolution of getting fitter by going on a Keto diet! And the best way to do so is to hop on board with us for Dubai’s best & healthy Keto lunch and dinner meal plans!

Keto has gained immense popularity among those who want to eat healthy to stay in shape and remain fit. There has been a lot of buzz around the Keto diet with many celebs vouching for it.

Let’s see what it exactly is the famed Ketogenic diet?


Keto is a low-carb, high-fat diet used by a wide range of people to help manage certain health conditions or reach wellness goals.

One of the primary goals of a healthy Keto meal plan subscription is to induce a state of ketosis. In ketosis, the body uses fat and ketone bodies as fuel instead of running predominantly on carbohydrates – which is the case for most other diets.

You may be curious about getting started on Keto or thinking about getting back to it after indulging during your holiday period. Whatever be the case, our healthy Keto meal plan is a perfect fit for beginners and those who have tried Keto earlier as well. Leave all the confusion around the Keto diet right here.


Our Keto lunch and dinner subscription plan bring you the best of a ketogenic diet on a platter for you. Meticulously crafted each Keto meal that goes out of our state-of-the-art ISO-certified kitchen brings with it a wide range of benefits including potential weight loss, increased energy, and treating chronic illness. Read on for the multiple benefits of being on a Keto diet for your office lunch and dinner –

  • Spike Your Energy Levels

You’ve been staring at your laptop screen and then you sense a haze engulfing you. Have you experienced this? Well, we all have, to be frank. Known by various names like – post-lunch plunge, afternoon slump, or energy dip – this one just pulls our energy levels down, and how!

Most of this downward spiral of energy levels is thanks to a diet that is filled with carbohydrates, trans fat, and sweeteners. Eating a diet like this is what causes the energy slump.

This is where our healthy Keto lunch and dinner meal subscription plan comes in to save you from it! Our Keto meals eliminate carbs and focuses on healthy fats to boost the body’s natural energy stores. This means that you can bid goodbye to low energy levels and say hello to sustained energy all day long J!

  • Enhance Mental Clarity

Going on our healthy Keto lunch and dinner meal subscription plans not only will help you feel better physically and give you more energy, but it can also combat the brain fog and low mood that may come with the transitioning of changing your diet.

Want to know how our healthy Keto meal plan may also work wonders in supporting mental clarity? This is because of the low cab-content food. With the body being on ketosis, the brain produces optimal amounts of GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter. GABA is made from glutamate, which is the brain’s major excitatory neurotransmitter. Your brain needs a balanced amount of both glutamate and GABA to function properly.

  • Stay Fit & Lean

Weight loss – now this is one of the most known benefits of being on a Keto diet! If you desire a healthy and toned body, then our Keto meal plan is the right pick for you.

Our low-carb healthy Keto meal plan is your best partner if you want to lose fat and build muscles faster. We help you to not just reduce carbs, but actually reduce it in a healthy way.

Studies have revealed that the low-carb Keto diet works wonders in weight loss. One of the basic benefits of our healthy Keto lunch and dinner meal plan is helping you achieve weight loss. However, to get accurate and better results don’t forget to exercise regularly while keeping a tab on your diet.

Our calorie-counted Keto meals keep the levels of your fat-storing hormone – your insulin low. This results in your body turning into a fat-burning machine.

Apart from weight loss, our Keto meals also work wonders in keeping your blood sugar under control. With the control of fat in the body during Keto, blood sugar stays in control too.

With our exciting Keto office lunch and dinner options, you can forget about mindless snacking between your meals and shed more weight! This is because a Keto diet plan normalises your hunger, leaving barely any room for sudden hunger pangs. No more stacking snacks in your office desk as our Keto meal keep you full for a longer time.

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Meals On Me is all about adding super ease and comfort to the way you eat healthy food. Our Keto meal plan gives you the flexibility to make your own menu by choosing from 30+ choices daily for your office lunch or dinner at home.

Bursting with flavours our innovative Keto menu makes guilt-free indulgence a real thing. The exciting menu that changes every week to keep your taste buds delighted with new dishes is something that you’ll simply love.

Keeping a tab on your calorie intake while on a Keto diet is crucial! But doing it every day can be taxing. To do away with this chore, we bring you our calorie-counted Keto office lunch and dinner options that let you breathe a sigh of relief!

Our ingredients are freshly picked and cooked to perfection by our team of gourmet chefs while maintaining utmost perfection and hygiene.

Our Keto meal plan keeps not only you but your bank account healthy as well. Affordable pricing coupled with free doorstep delivery of your meals at your office or home at no extra charges does the trick. With Meals On Me’s Keto lunch and dinner plans you can be assured of not spending money on delivery charges at all. All our processes are inclusive of VAT and free delivery with no hidden charges.

To enjoy Dubai’s best Keto office lunch and dinner without any grocery shopping, cooking or cleaning, hop on board with us. Pick your preferences; give us your accurate address and checkout via secured payment to get exciting and nutritious Keto meals delivered straight at your door!


Whether experienced or a beginner, getting started on the keto diet in 2023 with our Keto Lunch Or Dinner Plans is a smart move. Be ready to have stable energy levels, healthy weight loss, improved brain function, and better heart health – just to name a few of the takeaways that you can enjoy from our Keto-based office lunch and dinner options.

Our balanced Keto office lunch and dinner plan is the ideal option for many hassle-free nutritious meals with micros and macros counted. You will see the difference in how our Keto meal plan negates the need for daily supplements as the meal has it all.

Put a stop to your struggle to stay healthy and lead a sustainable lifestyle in an easy and streamlined way with our delicious Keto Lunch Or Dinner Plan.

So if you are keen on being a better and healthier version of yourself in 2023, join our healthy Keto meal plan right now! Get ready for a healthy and delightful transformative experience with Dubai’s best meal plan service.

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