The beginning of the New Year is a great time to bring in healthy lifestyle changes. In fact, starting a fresh year without bad habits for better overall well-being is a fab idea! No wonder many rings in the New Year by resolving to get healthier.

One of the most common resolutions by most is being healthier and fitter version oneself. And making mindful food choices and eating healthy is one of the most important means of reaching this goal!


Now, this may sound easy-peasy but just after a few weeks the initial enthusiasm wears down, and many get back to their not-so-healthy eating habits.

What makes following the resolution of eating healthy meals so difficult after the initial phase? There are multiple reasons behind this. A few of them are –

  • not having time on hand to cook or prepare healthy meals
  • ordering healthy meals from restaurants burning a hole in the pocket
  • getting bored of eating the same bland and uninteresting ‘healthy’ food
  • the lack of eateries offering healthy food that’s actually interesting

A known fact is that only a small percentage of people actually are able to keep their resolutions intact. So what does one do to steadfastly be on track with the resolution of eating healthy?

Well, there is a foolproof way of getting healthier in the year ahead and achieving your health goals without any of the issues listed above.

And that is subscribing to Dubai’s best and leading healthy office lunch and dinner meal plan service – Meals On Me!


# 1 – Exciting Meal Plans Offering Flavours & Nutrition

Healthy food is not just limited to bland salads, veggies and flavourless meats. Food is an emotion that needs to be relished and enjoyed to the fullest. And at Meals On Me, each dish that comes out of our kitchen is all about breaking the myth that healthy eating is boring.

On the contrary, our office lunch and dinner options are bursting with irresistible flavours, mind you, without giving up on their nutritional factor.

This feat is possible, thanks to our elite team of experienced chefs who create culinary magic by using only the freshest and best ingredients, non-GMO produce and keeping away man-made preservatives and additive for good.

Our weekly and monthly office lunch and dinner meal plans focus on using whole and unprocessed foods and foods that are closer to their natural form. Time for some facts – did you know that replacing refined grains with whole grains and eating at least 2 servings of whole grains daily may help to reduce type 2 diabetes risk. The fibre, nutrients, and phytochemicals in whole grains may improve insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism and slow the absorption of food, preventing blood sugar spikes.

Simple and time-tested methods like using only healthy modes of cooking also work wonders; some of which are – grilling, steaming, baking and braising. Now using these cooking methods double up the magic quotient by retaining the nutritional value of the ingredients and enhancing their flavour. Now isn’t this simply great! You get to enjoy a super delicious meal without tweaking the nutritive elements.

# 2 – Variety That Will Spoil You For Choice

The success rate of sticking to the New Year resolution on getting fitter and healthier is highly dependent on the varied nature of meals eaten. There’s a healthy catch as well to eating varied meals – eating different types of food. This also just widens the probability of eating more nutrients as compared to sticking to a rigid diet.

Meals On Me scores a perfect ten on offering a multitude of variety through their wide range of healthy meal plans.

We offer a jaw-dropping array of 6 healthy office lunch and dinner plans, namely – Keto, Vegan/Vegetarian, Wholesome, International, Arabic and Indian. If you want to relish all the above 6 cuisines rolled into one, then we have the Flex meal plan for you. And if you are keen on eating only the ‘most ordered’ dishes, then our Top Sellers meal plan is tailor-cut for you.

Let’s give you a sneak peek into each of the meal plans here –

Keto – Get the best of high-fat, adequate-protein and low-carb meals.

Vegan – Nutrient-dense plant-based meals that fuel good health.

Vegetarian – Relish nutritive meals offering a combination of plant and dairy products.

Wholesome – Specially crafted meals high on protein and antioxidants that are a treat for your taste buds.

International – Features famous healthy meals hand-picked from around the world.

Arabic – Offers nourishing meals from regional cuisines made with local spice and ingredients distinctive of the Arab world.

Indian – Best subcontinent cuisine offering vibrant low-fat dishes picked from India made with healthy Indian ingredients & traditional cooking methods.

Flex – Unable to pick on a menu? No worries at all. Go for a blend of all 6 cuisines rolled into in 1 with Flex!

Top Sellers – This new section offers you dishes that have been ordered the most by our patrons.

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We simply are not for making a boring set menu that barely changes. We love dynamism in our food – which is why we bring excitement and vibrancy with our new menu every week for our weekly and monthly meal plans. This means that there is no repetition of dishes – now this makes healthy eating so appealing.

Like we said earlier, we don’t do boring food and don’t like being rigid (we are a little different from the rest!). You will get the option of making your own menu by deciding what you want to eat. All you need to do is choose from almost 30 dishes daily to plan your weekly or monthly meal plan.

# 3 We Help You Better Your Finances

Yes, you read it right! We do help you enhance your finance with our meal plans. Want to know how? Here’s how we do it –

Pocket-friendly Pricing – Our aim is to offer healthy food options to people who are stretching for time at prices that will not eat away their bank account. Our affordable and healthy office lunch and dinner plans keep your cost per meal low. There are no hidden charges lurking out there to scare you and reduce your savings.

Free Delivery – Ordering meals via food app brings convenience at a price. You land up paying quite a bit of money on paying for food delivery. With us, you can be rest assured as we charge nothing for delivering your lunch and dinner at your office or home. All our prices are inclusive of VAT and free delivery.

Regular Offers & Giveaways – Now who doesn’t like winning! Our weekly and regular contests and giveaways make sure that you win and save more at the same time. With Meals On Me and you are a winning team truly!

#4 Add Ease To The Way You Eat

No messy time spent in kitchen, no boring supermarket trips and no being haunted by the question – ‘what’s for lunch/dinner?’ anymore. Leave all your woes and chores related to your office lunch and dinner at home with us. We will take care of it all. All you need to do is choose the meal plan of your choice, select your preferences, checkout by making secured payment and choose your menu for a week or month. Your lunch at office and dinner at home will be delivered to you at your doorstep with clockwork precision.


Who said sticking to your resolution of staying healthier is difficult? Subscribe to Dubai’s best lunch and dinner meal plan service and stay conveniently healthy….always!

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