There has been a huge rise in the number of meal plan services in Dubai. A whole lot of factors are responsible for this trend. The increased health awareness due to the pandemic,  the ease of getting fresh meals without cooking, lack of time, and rise in grocery prices have been the major forces in creating more demand for meal services.

Among the numerous meal subscription services, Meals On Me is the fastest-growing office lunch provider in Dubai. Founded in 2018, Meals On Me has successfully gone onto becoming Dubai’s leading and preferred meal plan service. Providing healthy, convenient, and affordable meals to all is what we aim for.

So what has made Meals On Me the fastest-growing office lunch provider in Dubai??


Importance of a Nutrient-Dense Office Lunch

At Meals On Me, we understand how crucial a nutrient-dense office lunch can be for keeping you alert at work thereby enhancing productivity levels and also keeping you healthy and fit!

Office lunch is that one meal which is often the forgotten meal of the day – and is replaced by a quick grab while on the go or grabbing some snacks instead of a proper meal. However, experts beg to differ. There are studies that reveal that your afternoon meal is an important meal of the day and should be given its due respect.

Consequences of skipping or eating unhealthy lunch

Lunch raises your blood sugar level in the middle of the day and provides energy and nutrients to keep the body and brain working efficiently through the afternoon, thus helping you to be able to focus at work better.

Due to a packed work schedule, many opt for a working lunch or grabbing some fast food as their afternoon meal at the office. This can cause havoc on your health when done regularly. By mid-day, there is a marked depletion in your energy levels and your body needs to be replenished with nutritious food.

Some people think they can ride out the day without lunch but there are some problems that might arise. Skipping lunch is like going on a mini fast and may lead to intense feelings of hunger especially if breakfast was not adequate.

Eating your mid-day meal after several hours of having breakfast re-energises the body. Even if you’re sluggish reaching out for a not-so-heavy office lunch can up your energy levels.

If you eat lunch on the run you create a conflict in your body between digesting food and moving the muscles needed to perform the exercise. This causes blood to flow away from the gut to the muscles of the legs and arms and can lead to indigestion, pain and bloating as the food eaten is not digested properly.

So what stops many from having a wholesome office lunch? Well, the factors are many. Lack of time to cook or prep for mid-day meal, no healthy options available, and high price factor are some of the reasons why most people are unable to enjoy a hearty yet nutritious office lunch.

This is where Meals On Me helps you remove all your meal woes in an instant!

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1. Healthy Options For Your Office Lunch

The perfect office lunch should be a balanced one that gives the body the needed nutrition and keeps you away from the dreaded afternoon slump.

Our weekly and monthly meal subscription plans are brimming with flavours and packed with nutrition making them a power-packed choice for your office meal.

Our lite ‘n’ energy-boosting meals are perfect as office lunch! They won’t let you feel bloated at work and keep you away from feeling lethargic and sleepy!

Our low-carb meals with their high lean protein content and healthy fats are prepared with the freshest ingredients, and non-GMO produce, and come with no preservatives or additives. Only healthy cooking methods are used by our team of experienced chefs. Baking, grilling, steaming, and braising are what our kitchen uses to prepare your nutrient-rich meals. The advantage of using these healthy ways of cooking retains both the flavour and nutrients of the meal – resulting in the creation of culinary gems that add delight to your office lunch on a jam-packed weekday.

Infused with essential vitamins and minerals, every bite of our office lunch options from our weekly and monthly meal subscription plans adds health to your day!

2. No More Spending Time & Money On Your Lunch At Work

Unending meetings and presentations leaving you with no time and forcing you to eat junk food? If you identify with the scenario, then you are at the right spot.

With Meals On Me, you can give up the unhealthy habit of eating fast food from restaurants and boring office canteen food. High on the appeasement factor, these foods do not meet your body’s requirement for nutrients. It gives a feeling of being satiated but then soon enough the hunger pangs are back to trouble you.

Our healthy office lunch options from our weekly and monthly meal plans also do a brilliant job in saving you from spending time ordering food on apps or waiting for your lunch to arrive forever! Get the best office lunch in town without cooking, prepping, cleaning, and grocery shopping! Hassle-free office lunch is what you get every single time with Meals On Me.

Besides saving you from the trouble of going through the chore of placing an order for your lunch or picking up a takeaway, Meals On Me also saves more money for you.

Our gourmet ready-to-eat weekly and monthly meal plans come at affordable prices and we also deliver your lunch at work free of any extra cost! You just pay for the food. There are no extra charges hidden to catch you by surprise. All our prices are inclusive of VAT and free delivery.

3. Wide variety to suit your palate

Why go for the routine boring lunch options at the office when you can treat yourself to guilt-free and varied choices?

Banishing food boredom once and for all, we bring you monthly and weekly meal plans spread across 6 vibrant cuisines to choose from – Keto, Vegan/Vegetarian, Wholesome, International, Arabic, and Indian.  

If you want to taste the delicacies from each of our 6 cuisines, then you can opt for the Flex meal plan. If relishing our best-selling dishes is your choice, then go for the Top Sellers meal plan.

There are no boring and restrictive set menus in our meal subscription plans. You get the flexibility to choose from almost 30 choices a day to make your own menu! Whether you are on a weekly or monthly meal plan subscription with us, you will be welcomed with a new and vibrant menu every week.


To conclude, if you want to strike the perfect work-life balance then go for our convenient and healthy meal subscription plans. With no chores to make your meal, you get more time to focus on both your personal and professional life.

Stay healthier and fitter with our weekly and monthly meal subscription plans. Be your better and fitter version by choosing Dubai’s fastest-growing office lunch service!

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