Dubai is a bustling metropolis of the world that’s known for its lavish lifestyle, swanky cars, and towering skyscrapers. Most of us would think that living here on a budget is kind of difficult. On the contrary, Dubai has myriad options for all – including budget-friendly means!

Whether you’re in Dubai for a short period or for the long haul, learning how to save money and eat healthy is worth your time. Dubai has a high number of meal prep services and ready-to-eat meal subscription services as well.

Are you an ex-pat or local and are trying to figure out ways to save money in Dubai? We can help you boost your savings. Read on to know how.

Choosing the Right Meal Subscription Plan

With the rising prices, it always helps to save an extra dime. One of the best saving hacks that you can use to up your savings is choosing the right meal subscription plan.

Dubai, with its motto of ‘health is wealth’ has seen an upswing in health-focused food trends. In a survey held in 2020, around 57% of food-lovers in the UAE said they prefer a healthier diet. This trend has got magnified post the pandemic. The number of meal subscription plans and meal prep services offering you healthy meal plans like 7-day Keto diet plan and vegan meal plans are on the rise.

The question that pops up now is which meal plan should you subscribe to? As the first rule of thumb, go for a meal plan that’s healthy, and offers you a variety of flavours while adding ease to your day. And yes, it should be priced economically. A meal plan service with these attributes is the ideal pick for you.

Meals On Me is one such kind of meal subscription service that offers you these and more! It is ‘the’ meal plan that takes care of your health and wallet as well! One of the leading and preferred meal plan services in Dubai, Meals On Me Besides brings you freshly prepared food, rich in varied nutrients, with direct delivery to your doorstep every day.

Not convinced? Here are specific 6 specific reasons how and why you will save money with Meals On Me.

How Meals On Me Helps You SAVE MORE

1. FREE Delivery Enhances Savings

How many times have you landed up paying more money for a meal plan that you ordered? Have you been shelling out extra bucks thanks to the fees hidden under the garb of extra charges by your favourite restaurant? The answer is several times.

At Meals On Me, we won’t let you spend more on your meal subscription than what we advertise! You pay only for the food that you ordered and nothing else. Our free delivery on all meals means that there are no unexpected costs that you need to pay.

Speaking about making daily life easy, the free doorstep delivery lets you enjoy your healthy meal plans at your desk or at home with ease. For flawless meal delivery, all you are required to do is provide us with the accurate address at which you want your meal to be delivered.

The free meal delivery that you get on all our healthy weekly and monthly meal plans lets you enjoy the best of both worlds – healthy food with added convenience and more savings!!

2. The Ideal Healthy Meal Plan For Working Professionals

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city. People worldwide reside here – the ex-pat percentage in the city is at an overwhelming 85%. The median age here is 33.5 years, and most people belong to the age group of 25 to 54 years. The demographics show that working professionals, in most cases, are either working couples or single work professionals.

Usually, returning home after a long day at work leads to ordering food. Regular ordering of food online or from a restaurant can be an expensive affair creating a dent in your savings. Adding to the list of woes is that you land up eating the same boring food and have to go through the cumbersome scrolling on your phone screen. Subscribing to Meals On Me lets you do away with the multiple food delivery apps from your mobile phone and create more storage!

Our healthy Lunch Or Dinner meal plans help you get away from this rut. All our meals are economically priced making our meal plans totally budget-friendly for you!

3. No Grocery Bills To Pay

Opting to join our meal subscription services can help you quit cooking (isn’t this amazing!). No cooking means there are no trips to the supermarket that you need to undertake. This slashes your expenses spent on grocery shopping drastically.

Often overlooked, but grocery shopping can be quite expensive forcing you to keep a chunk of money aside for it every month. Since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, the cost of food staples, like meat and eggs, has risen the fastest in decades. With the cost of food spiralling skywards, it only makes sense to go for Dubai’s best meal subscription services! Make the right choice and reap the benefits of huge savings by striking away grocery expenses.

Instead of thinking hard on discovering different ways to keep your savings intact, dive in straight to getting yourself one of our 7 Lunch Or Dinner Plans! You will be amazed by the savings that you will gain.

In fact, the weekly or monthly variants of our healthy and balanced Lunch Or Dinner meal plans can well be placed on top of your list of money-saving ideas!

4. No More Unwanted Supermarket Expenses!

Our balanced and healthy meal plans save you money by keeping you away from buying unnecessary groceries from the supermarket. Want to know how? Our ready-to-eat chef-prepared meal plans require no meal prep and no cooking! This means that you no longer need to stock up on purchasing dishwashing essentials! That’s yet one more piece of savings coming right back to your wallet.

Popping into your corner store to buy a snack can take a serious bite off your bank account. You may not realise this right away as you are spending a small amount at a time. Our healthy, balanced meal plans bursting with flavours take care of your cravings while building your savings. Thanks to our on-time free delivery of your meal plans, you do not have to stay hungry during meal times – that nips the urge to reach out for mindless snacking and yes, you guessed it right, saves you from spending your hard-earned bucks!

If you have ever tracked your expenses you would find out that convenience costs a lot more than most people realize. That’s exactly where you save more bucks with Meals On Me! You add ease to your life by spending more quality time with family and friends or pursuing doing what you like rather than being tied to your meal woes.

5. Save More By Reducing Food Waste

Planning healthy meals with us saves you from buying unwanted food items as you are assured of finding the best healthy meal plan in Dubai for yourself.

Wasting food is the same as throwing out money. Not only do you spend money on groceries that just go into the trash, but you also have to get them, bring them home (or pay for delivery), and store them. This all costs you time, energy, and of course, money. Less wasted food is great not only for you and your wallet but for the environment as well.

6. Eating Our Healthy Meal Plans Pays Off Big

This reason may not pay you dividends right away but in the long run, you will be saving money. Consuming foods that are high in sugar, fat, and sodium can add up to costly dental and medical bills.

Each meal from any of our 7 healthy Lunch Or Dinner meal plans offers you a balanced diet and comes loaded with all the essential nutrition that your body requires. Our healthy meal plans fortify your body by boosting immunity levels and keeping you healthy and fit. Our 7-day keto diet plan along with our other meal subscription plans is prepared using the freshest ingredients and non-GMO produce. Healthy cooking methods like braising, steaming, baking and grilling preserve the nutrients for you while adding flavours that will keep you coming back for more.

The Verdict

Subscribing to Meals On Me’s healthy meal plans is essential for saving money on food, but it’s also an important time and sanity-saver. One of the many pluses that you can avail with our meal subscription services is that you’ll eat healthier and always have an answer to the dreaded question of “what’s for dinner?”

Our innovative spread of 7 types of Lunch Or Dinner Plans are just what you need to keep your taste buds happy. You can go for a 7-day Keto diet plan with us or pick our Top Sellers meal plan that brings our best-selling dishes under one plan for you. Pick the healthy meal plan of your choice from our exhaustive spread of meal plans.

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A fresh menu every week with vibrant non-repetitive dishes adds freshness to the way you eat your office lunch or dinner during after-work hours.

Be a part of our meal subscription service and be the ‘meal planning star’ who also saves big bucks with every meal! To subscribe, click here!