Did you know that planning your plate ahead of time can make a world of difference to your goals and life? One of the main advantages of subscribing to a healthy monthly or weekly meal plan is reducing meal time stress and eating better every time!

Dubai, a buzzing metropolis is now inundated with a slew of meal plan providers and it can be daunting to pick the right healthy meal plan for you. No worries! We’ve got you covered.

To help you decide better, we have created a list of a few questions that you need to ask when choosing a weekly or monthly meal plan for yourself –

  • Are you looking for variety in your office lunch or dinner at home?
  • To save money?
  • Eat better and healthy?
  • Prevent food waste?
  • Preserve your sanity & save time.
  • Or to have a ready answer to the daily question of what’s for lunch/dinner?

If your answer to any or all of the above questions is a ‘yes’, then this article has the perfect meal subscription plan that you are looking for.

An ideal and healthy meal plan service would be the one that lets you do more than just being tied to the kitchen or scurrying away to the supermarket for grocery shopping! This is why Meals On Me – Dubai’s leading meal plan subscription service is the perfect choice for you! Read on what makes Meals On Me the best convenient meal plan brand in Dubai.

Why Go For Meals On Me

Meals On Me with its extensive range of Lunch Or Dinner monthly and weekly meal plans make life easy for those leading an active lifestyle – we make each of your meals an affair to look forward to, be it your office lunch or dinner after work.

Meals On Me was founded with a vision to make healthy food easily available to those who struggle for choice and healthy meals in the office or at home. Right from our inception, we have been adding ease and health to the lives of our patrons with our fresh and deliciously healthy Lunch Or Dinner meal plans. To date, we have served over 70 nationalities and cater to 1000 customers daily.

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To the uninitiated, meal planning can feel like an elusive practice or an overwhelming task, but that’s usually because we think about meal planning from the endpoint — when all the recipes have been selected, when all the groceries have been shopped for, and a week or month of healthy meals have been successfully made and laid out on the table.

Now put all this information in front of a newbie and their eyes grow wide with one resounding question: But how do I do it? Thankfully, the answer to this situation is simple as well – all you need to do is zero down on a meal subscription plan that offers you ease, and health and saves your time.

This is where Meals On Me’s meticulously planned weekly and monthly Lunch Or Dinner meal plans make life better for you. If you’re on the lookout for a healthy meal plan option like a vegan meal plan or keto meals for your office lunch, this is the place for you!

How do we remove food woes from your life? We simplify meal planning for you. We break down the whole meal process into 4 simple categories thereby eliminating the legwork and letting you relax about your meals –

  • We select the recipes
  • We shop for the ingredients
  • We cook delicious and healthy meals
  • We deliver it for free in ergonomically designed eco-friendly packaging

These four steps may sound obvious yet they form the major chunk of stress when it comes to your meal woes. Meals On Me brings you the answer to the eternal question of what’s for lunch (or dinner)!

Instead of working out the whole process right from scratch to the end result (read: meals), all you have to do is take out just 5 minutes in a week or a month, depending on the preferred duration of your healthy meal plan and decide on what you will eat.



When it comes to variety, Meals On Me offers you weekly and monthly meal plans that are anything but boring! Speaking of extensive choice, you can pick from a wide spectrum of varied meal plans –  Vegan/Vegetarian, Keto, Wholesome, International, Arabic, and Indian cuisines.

If you’re unable to decide which cuisine you want, you can go for our Flex meal plan which lets you get all cuisines rolled into one. Opt for our Top Sellers meal plan if you want to tuck into our most ordered dishes.

We like to keep our meal plans vibrant and refreshing – which is why we have the ‘new week, new menu’ feature. With our healthy weekly or monthly meal plans offering almost 30 choices a day to pick from, you have the flexibility to create your menu!

Reclaim your power to say ‘NO’ to repetitive meals at the office or home with the evolving menus of our healthy monthly and weekly meal plans!



At Meals On Me, we know that your busy lifestyle needs you to be on the ball every time. Keeping you on the top of your game is what we achieve by way of our healthy meal plans. Our meticulously crafted healthy meals ensure that you get your daily intake of nutrients. For the health-conscious souls, we offer nutrient-packed Keto, Wholesome and Vegan meal plans as well.

We simply love busting the myth that healthy food is boring and bland. To prove this popular belief false, our weekly and monthly meal plans are packed with the finest of flavours along with the optimum level of nutrition.

Our meals help you be a better version of yourself with their controlled portion servings. Light, non-smelly, and energy-boosting meal plans are tailor-made for your office lunch or a relaxed dinner at home.

Whether you choose weekly or monthly meal plans from us, be assured that we use only the freshest ingredients and non-GMO produce in every meal. Care is taken to retain the nutritional value of all ingredients and produce used. In sync with this, we use only healthy cooking methods like braising, steaming, baking, and boiling. Artificial colours, sweeteners, preservatives, and other manmade ingredients do not have a place in any of our healthy meal plans.



Looking to save more? Then you’ll love the free delivery that we offer on all our meals! This is what sets us apart from the rest. You do not have to pay any extra charges – you pay only for the food.

Our convenient delivery slots for your office lunch or dinner add convenience to the way you eat. All you need to do is select your preferred delivery time and provide your accurate address while subscribing to our weekly or monthly meal plans.

Receive your favourite healthy lunch at the office or home on time every time! No more packing office lunch in the morning and carrying it with you to work.

Attractively priced, our healthy Lunch Or Dinner meal plans are affordable – this means that you save more with our meal subscription services. Instead of spending more on takeaways and online orders that levy hidden charges to their billing amount, with Meals On Me you pay only for the food that you order.



When you decide to pay for a service, it should make your life easier and less complicated. That’s exactly what you get with subscribing to Meals On Me! With our professional chefs cooking some of the best meals in town, you get to sit back and enjoy healthy and appetising office lunches or dinners at home – without cooking, cleaning, and work!

Add our healthy meal plans to your week or month to get to do all of these – start your mornings on a fresh note with no packing office lunch, strike out kitchen chores and washing dishes from your daily routine for good and eliminate the stress of going grocery shopping from your busy day.

Improve the quality of your life and create more ‘me’ time for yourself with Meals On Me’s healthy monthly and weekly meal plans.



As an eco-friendly-conscious organisation, we emphasize reducing our carbon footprint to protect the environment and our planet. To contribute to the cause of tackling the greenhouse effect, we serve and deliver all our healthy meals in eco-friendly packaging only. Made from biodegradable, recycled material our eco-friendly packaging reduces the waste of natural resources for production.

Our Vegan meal plans also help to do your bit in saving the environment. Going for our weekly or monthly Vegan meal plan helps stop deforestation, reduces greenhouse gas emissions associated with meat production, and secures global food supply while slowing down climate change.

And yes, our Vegan meal plan makes saving the environment a delicious project as each Vegan meal comes loaded with plant-power and tonnes of vibrant flavours!

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