Best Meal Plans in UAE

Choose your macro counted meals ranging from 450 Kcal to 550 Kcal per serving.

Calorie and macro tracked meals for those who want to experience ultimate flavour and health. Enjoy healthy meals made from the finest globally sourced ingredients.

Medium Proteins Healthy Carbs Low Fat Macros Counted Meals

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If you’re working long hours and struggling to fit in a workout, this is the meal plan for you. We can help by providing you with precise, quality macronutrients.

Lean Proteins Healthy Carbs Low Fat Macros Counted Meals

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Perfect for individuals maintaining a low-carb diet. Enjoy a variety of flavourful meals made from premium globally sourced ingredients. Designed for optimal health and convenience.

Low Carbs Medium Proteins Healthy Fats Macros Counted Meals

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Experience India's extensive and diverse cuisine, from the north to the south. This meal plan includes internationally renowned Indian delicacies.

Local Delicacies

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Our Arabic meal plan encompasses a wide range of regional cuisines around the Arab world, including those from the Arabian Peninsula, the Fertile Crescent, and the Maghreb.

Local Delicacies

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Our vegan/vegetarian range is specially designed for those following a plant-based diet.

Plant-Based Diet High Fiber Rich in Minerals and Vitamins Macros Counted Meals

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Want to try a bit of everything? Click below to curate your lunch and dinner menu from our variety of meal plans.

Macros Counted Meals

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The Best Macros Counted Meal Plan

At Meals on Me we are all about bringing you the best quality ingredients for your Nutrition with our Macros Counted Meal Plan

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