The vegan diet has definitely caught the attention of many in recent times. With many celebrities going public to show their support for the vegan diet has also raised awareness about it and triggered people to go searching for a vegan meal plan.

More and more people have decided to go vegan for ethical, environmental, or health reasons. Some choose to stay away from meat because they don’t want to harm animals or because they want to protect the environment. Studies show that vegans have better heart health and lower odds of having certain diseases like heart ailments, cholesterol issues, and high blood pressure to name a few. Better weight loss and weight management results with a vegan diet too have drawn many to this all-green diet. Wow! This makes a vegan diet a perfect choice for your office lunch and dinner!


Veganism is defined as a way of living that attempts to exclude all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty, whether for food, clothing, or any other purpose.

That’s why a vegan diet meal plan avoids all animal products, including meat, eggs, honey, and dairy.

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Once considered a niche diet, veganism has now gone mainstream! A study in UK has results that show the number of people following a vegan diet has increased by a whopping 350% in the last decade.

Having said that vegans still find it difficult to find food that’s not boring, bland and uninspiring!


Thankfully, being a vegan in Dubai is now easier with Meals On Me! Our 7-day or monthly Vegan Lunch Or Dinner Plan is vibrantly refreshing and comes with innovative and truly delicious offerings for all vegans out there! Hurray to more exciting office lunch options.

Our healthy 7-day or monthly vegan meal plan not only saves you from eating boring food but also helps you save big bucks while adding enhanced convenience to your day.

Want to know how? Then read along.


Contrary to popular notion, creating a vegan platter is not at all challenging! In fact, we love busting this myth every single time with the innovative menu for our Vegan meal plan.

Many stops from going vegan fearing that they will have to give up on a lot of dishes making their diet plain, boring and restrictive. But in reality, a vegan diet is ‘not’ uninteresting!

1. Exhaustive Array Of Meal Plans

A vegan palate is not constrictive. Our 7-day or monthly vegan meal plan options for office lunch or dinner at home is totally sensational as it offers a plethora of plant-based delicacies picked from an exhaustive range of cuisines – Keto, Wholesome, International, Indian, & Arabic!

2. Plant Power Unleashed

Right from vegetables to greens to whole grains and plant-based dairy alternatives, you can rev up the excitement behind your vegan office lunch and dinner after a long day at home with our Lunch Or Dinner Plans!

In a vegan meal plan, vegetables play a starring role. Eating a wide variety of colourful vegetables helps to reach the daily nutrient requirements in a vegan food plan. At Meals On Me, we use vegetables instead of meat in quite a few traditional dishes. For instance, we give the regular noodles a healthy vegan take by replacing it with zoodles (noodles made from zucchini)!

How can we forget fruits in a vegan meal plan? A dash of fruits in salads and other delicacies not only ups the flavours but also amps the intake of healthy fibre and other nutrients.

Whole grains play a key role in a healthy vegan diet. Our vegan meals focus on using whole grains as they help you to reach your recommended intake of important nutrients—especially protein.

Whoever thought that being a vegan will guarantee only boring food will want to correct themselves again because gone are the days of a predictable vegan menu. Vegans are getting adventurous and playing up with different ingredients making up for lip-smacking food items. This is so evident from our extensively varied Vegan 7-day and monthly meal plans – that is ideal for your office lunch.

3. Exciting Non-Repetitive Menu

Not wanting to lose out on the variety and vibrancy of our meals, which is why we have the ‘new week, new menu’ feature! You can choose your office lunch or dinner at home from an extensive range of cuisines like International, Arabic, Keto, Indian, Wholesome and more.

At Meals On Me, we are always trying to push the envelope and getting on plate some exciting flavours made with the freshest of produce and ingredients. Putting in some serious thought into picking out culinary gems from across the region and the world, we also add a vegan twist to some of the famed delicacies in our menu.


1. Why Eating Seasonal Food Is Important

Made with the freshest of produce and ingredients, each vegan meal – for your office lunch or dinner – that is delivered to our patrons is brimming with nutrition and taste.

A lot of emphasis is put on using seasonal produce – we encourage eating with the cycles of nature. Food that’s in season tastes better—and it’s healthier.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables retain more nutrients than their counterparts, making them a better choice for health. The other advantages and benefits are that it supports local farmers who farm sustainably; it preserves the environment and gives us greater variety in our diets.

2. Benefit From Better Health

When our diets are in tune with the seasons, we’re getting food that is grown closer to us and therefore has spent less time in transit, which causes veggies and fruits to lose nutrients and flavour. Food that’s harvested at its peak season will inevitably be fresher and tastier. Also, crops harvested in the season have gotten more sun, which means more antioxidants. This is great news for our skin, as antioxidants help reduce free radicals and inflammation and can even help protect us from sun damage.

3. Protect The Environment

Not only health, but seasonal food is good news for the environment as well. The impact on the environment is, for some, the number one reason to buy local. Using produce that is grown or reared on local farms reduces the number of ‘food miles’ and brings down the associated CO2 emissions. There is less transportation, refrigeration and fewer hot houses, all of which help to reduce air pollution and carbon footprint. Not only is it environmentally friendly, using seasonal produce supports regional farms and communities, helping to grow the local economy.

Our 7-day or monthly vegan meal plan helps you eat seasonal food for lunch at office and dinner at home as well.


1. Perfect Vegan Meals Just For You!

Hate thinking what to cook or eat after a long day? Do you generally skip office lunch because you don’t have the time to order or due to lack of better vegan options around (or both)? Whatever be the case, Meals On Me is here to help you resolve all your meal-related woes in a snap!

Even though vegan diet is catching up quite fast, let’s admit that the options available for vegan food are still on the lower side. This makes it difficult to search for the perfect vegan meal leaving you with two options – either you cook a meal for yourself or depend on the limited options available for office lunch or dinner.

Whipping up a vegan meal for self seems to be the answer. But, cooking entails a horde of activities like grocery shopping, meal prep, cooking, cleaning and deciding what to cook! Given the busy schedule, adding so many chores is a complete no-no!

Let’s see how doable the second option is – ordering a vegan meal. This plan works well till you don’t get hit by food monotony. Sadly, not many varied food choices are offered under the vegan menu. And the ones that do have them, might burn a hole in your pocket.

Don’t lose hope with both cooking and ordering vegan meals being struck off the list! Thankfully, to save the day for you Meals On Me’s vegan meal plan is right here.

2. More Savings. More Ease.

Be it our 7-day vegan meal plan or our monthly vegan meal plan – there’s one thing that you can be assured of – our vegan meal plan takes away the hassle from your meal time while adding tonnes of flavours and nutrition.

Not only that, but our vegan meal plans also play a major role in keeping your expenses down. How? For starters, our meal plans come with an affordable price tag. Adding to your savings is our free delivery feature. You just pay for the food and not any delivery fees. The fact that our pricing is transparent with no hidden charges also helps in keeping the math clean and clear. So, the next time you are eating a vegan office lunch from us, remember your money is getting saved!

With added savings going in your kitty and zero meal stress along with added convenience of free doorstep delivery at work or home, our vegan meal plans are simply the best in town for you!


Give your lunch at the office or dinner at home a healthy spin with the plant power of our vegan meal plans. Get with our 7=day vegan meal plan or the monthly variant, the all-round nutrition of vegetables, fruits and grains that come packed with nutrients that ignite metabolism, giving an edge to weight control regime and leave a reduced carbon footprint on planet earth. They are the healthiest as they are loaded with essential minerals and vitamins that are necessary for your well-being.

If your New Year resolution for 2022 was to go vegan, it’s high time that you did it by subscribing to our Vegan meal plan. With so many positives to it, our chef-crafted gourmet 7-day or monthly vegan meal plan is what you need to opt for when you choose to run on plant power! Time to go green with Meals On Me during your office lunch!

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