Lack of time, rise in grocery costs and a greater awareness of healthy food and wellness have led to a major trend toward many opting for meal plans. In Dubai, there has been an exponential rise in the number of meal plan services in recent years. And Meals On Me has successfully carved out a place for itself as Dubai’s preferred and leading healthy meal plan subscription service.


Meal planning, especially healthy meal planning for office lunch or meals at home, is additional labour and forms a huge part of a household’s mental load. One has to sit down and think about what to cook and eat for lunch and dinner at some non-meal time (time that can be used for watching your favourite web series or just doing nothing!).

Meals On Me’s healthy weekly and monthly meal plans make a whole series of complicated decisions on your behalf and also cooks out great meals for you – that are perfect for your lunch at the office or dinner at home!


For a meal plan to work, it must be a ‘complete package’. It has to bring to the table ease, health, and taste along with letting you save time and money. Even if one of these factors is missing, the chances are high that the meal plan will not suit you in the long run.

This is where Meals On Me scores a perfect ten! Our weekly and monthly meal plans up the quality of your lifestyle by enhancing it on various levels – making it your favourite healthy meal plan service in Dubai.

We take away any stress related to preparing meals and added kitchen chores. With Meals On Me, you get more time to do what you like, stay healthier and live a fuller life.

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1. Healthy Meal Plans For All

There was a considerable gap between the demand for nutritious and delicious food and its availability in the market. The options available then were either bland or simply not interesting and came with a high price tag too.

To make healthy and delicious food available to patrons at an affordable cost and thereby improving their quality of life was what led to the genesis of Meals On Me’s healthy weekly and monthly meal plans.

2. Spreading Happiness Through Food

The essence of Meals On Me is best portrayed by the brand logo showing the food cloche cover speeding ahead on wheels.

The food cloche cover stands for fresh food delivered safely and promptly to our patrons. It covers to protect the food and keeps it fresh, safe and hygienic. The food cloche cover also signifies that the taste and flavours of the meal are intact when it is delivered to our patrons.

The second element is the wheel. As such, wheels have always stood for innovation and speed. On the same lines, we always look at enhancing our services with innovative inputs and ideas to create healthy and delicious culinary creations that delight patrons. The wheels also stand for prompt and hassle-free doorstep delivery at home or work. With Meals On Me, your lunch and dinner at the office or home are sorted!

The curved line below the food cloche cover denotes the smile that we bring on our patrons’ faces with our flawless service and customized meal plans featuring tempting and nourishing food.


1. Get Rid Of Meal Time Stress

Meal time can be stressful. As it comes with a horde of questions that pop up in your head! What are you having for lunch at the office or dinner tonight? Will it be some random food you manage to pull together after a long day at work, or have you planned it out? Will you just stop at a drive-thru on the way home, or is there a method to your madness?

You can now put a stop to all these questions with Meals On Me!

Remove stress away from an already hectic life, by opting for either our healthy weekly or monthly Lunch Or Dinner meal plans and do away with meal time woes for good. In fact, all our healthy meal plans offer you convenience, well-being and savings!

2. Healthy Meals That Make Your Day

Our lite ‘n’ energy-boosting meals are perfect as office lunch! They don’t let you feel bloated at work and keep you away from the dreaded afternoon slump! Also, you are saved from spending time ordering food on apps or waiting for your lunch to arrive forever!

3. Add More Free Hours To Your Schedule

With our gourmet chef-crafted meals, cooking, cleaning, grocery store trips and deciding what to cook and eat can be easily stowed away from your to-do list! What you get is free time to pursue your hobbies, spend quality time with loved ones, or just snooze a little longer in the mornings.

With Meals On Me’s healthy weekly and monthly Lunch Or Dinner meal plans you can be assured to carve out time for yourself with ease!

4. Bye-Bye Messy Food Pickups & Packaging

Our free and reliable doorstep delivery at work or home equates to no messy pickups from eateries and zero wastage of time. No more packing office lunch in the mornings and no more carrying food to work…!

Meals are delivered in neat, environment-friendly packaging straight at your home and work. You can happily bid good-bye to messy food leakages and carry bags! Please be warned that your office lunch from Meals On Me can be a source of envy for your peers and colleagues.


1. Budget-Friendly Healthy Meal Plans

Buying food of your choice for office lunch or your dinner at home can be an expensive affair, if the focus is on eating healthy. Meals On Me brings you delicious meals by packing with nutrition at prices that will take you by surprise (pleasantly, of course!).

In line with our motto of adding affordability to healthy eating. Each of our healthy weekly and monthly meal plans is priced modestly – making them easier to be incorporated in your daily lives.

According to a study by Gulf News, the cost to prepare an average non-vegetarian meal comes to approximately AED 50. Ordering the same kind of meal from an average restaurant will be close to AED 110.

At Meals On Me, we offer weekly meal plans at AED 166 (offering delivery 5 days a week) and monthly meal plans at AED 587. These prices are inclusive of VAT and free delivery. With no hidden charges, you don’t land up shelling out extra money on our healthy meal plans

2. Free Doorstep Delivery At No Extra Cost

We also let you save more big bucks by charging AED 0 for delivery. You don’t have to pay delivery charges for all your meals. Choose any healthy meal plan – weekly or monthly, and enjoy free delivery always.

Going for our healthy weekly or monthly meal subscription plan helps you save not only money but time as well!


1. Healthy Meal Plans For Every Palate

We love busting food myths! Which is why each meal from our extensive range of 7 Lunch Or Dinner Plans is bursting not only with flavours but also nutrition.

Each of our healthy weekly and monthly meal plans are an excellent way to break unhealthy eating habits. Because they provide more nutritious and appetising alternatives.

2. Varied & Balanced Weekly & Monthly Meal Plans

Apart from keeping the taste-buds delighted, variety in food also is crucial for good health. This is so because different foods provide different types and amounts of key nutrients.

What we bring to the table is a balanced diet comprising of vegetables, meat, fresh greens, legumes, whole grains, nuts and fruits, along with healthy fats. We focus on lean protein, low carbs and unsaturated fats.

3. Preservative Free Meals

We steer clear from saturated fats, and preservatives. Only the freshest ingredients and non-GMO produce are used for added health in our weekly and monthly meal plans. Healthy cooking methods like grilling, baking, braising and boiling together employs for optimum retention of nutrition and flavours.

4. Exhaustive Range Of Healthy Meal Plans

We love keeping food boredom away – which is why we offer a jaw-dropping array of 7 Lunch Or Dinner Plans. They are– Keto, Vegan/Vegetarian, Wholesome, International, Arabic & Indian meal plans.

Besides these meal plans, our Top Sellers meal plan, as the name suggests it. This gives you a menu that features the most ordered dishes. If you are in a fix as to which meal plan to go for, Flex meal plan is what you need. It lets you enjoy meals from all the Lunch Or Dinner Plans!

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5. We Don’t Repeat Our Menus

If you think that we just offer a wide variety of monthly and weekly meal plans to keep your palate excited, then you’re in for a surprise! We don’t do boring and repetitive menus. Our ‘new week, new menu’ adds an exciting culinary experience to every day of the week. Bring on a dash of irresistible flavour and variety to your lunch breaks while at the office and dinners at home!

All meals are cooked and prepared following stringent quality standards in our ISO 22000 and HACCP-certified state-of-the-art kitchen.

6. Live Conveniently Healthy

To sum up, the essence of Meals On Me lies in its tagline – Conveniently Healthy. We add convenience and health to the lives of our patrons. This is why Meals On Me has emerged as Dubai’s favourite meal plan service provider!

Our weekly and monthly healthy meal plans are innovative, inspiring and appetising – leaving you craving for your next meal.


In a nutshell, Meals On Me is a full meal package service that is perfect for anyone who leads a hectic lifestyle and wants to embrace healthy eating on a daily basis without resorting to bland and monotonous dishes. We take the decision-making away from your meals which is one less stressor from your day.