Starting a nutrition journey might be stressful, but with Meals on Me’s new Macros Meal Plan, reaching your diet objectives has always been challenging. Our outstanding service carefully plans a calorie-counted meal plan personalized to your specific diet needs and tastes.

Our Macros Meal Plan aims to give you a balanced, nutrient-rich meal that promotes your overall health rather than merely tracking calories. Meals on Me offers a variety of meal plans that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, including low-calorie, high-protein,macros meal plan and nutrient-dense options.

To ensure that every meal fits into precise macronutrient ratios and eliminates uncertainty, we carefully plan each meal. We make our calorie-counted meals to effectively fuel your body, helping you stick to your fitness objectives while preserving taste and variety.

At Meals on Me, we get that everyone has their own special nutritional requirements. That’s why our Macros Meal Plan is all about flexibility. Whether you’re hustling through your workday, hitting the gym regularly, or just aiming for a healthier diet, we can personalize our plan to suit your way of life.

What is the Macros Meal Plan?

The Macros Meal Plan simplifies diet management by emphasizing the three primary nutrients – proteins, carbs, and fats. This strategy assists you in determining the proper ratio of essential nutrients so that your body can remain healthy, as opposed to only counting calories.

Whether you want to put on muscle, reduce weight, or improve your health, you may modify your meals with the Macros Meal Plan. As long as you maintain the proper ratios of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, the diet is adaptable and allows you to enjoy a wide range of meals. Macros Meal Plan

The Macros Meal Plan is not about strict dieting but about making smart choices and enjoying a balanced diet. It helps you have a healthy relationship with food, allowing you to eat what you love while still getting the nutrients you need.

Understanding the Importance of Macros in Nutrition

It’s important to comprehend macronutrients, or “macros,” if you want to optimize your diet. Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are examples of macronutrients, and each is essential for sustaining a balanced diet. Calorie-counted meals are a great way to increase your intake of nutrients and help you reach your health objectives if you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

Proteins are the body’s building blocks, necessary for muscle repair and growth. Incorporating enough protein into your diet will help with muscle recovery and keep you feeling fuller for longer, which is good for weight management. Healthy meals high in lean proteins, such as chicken, fish, beans, and legumes, are essential for a well-rounded diet.

Fats often have a poor reputation, but they are essential for vitamin absorption and organ protection. Avocados, almonds, and olive oil provide healthy fats that you should consume on a daily basis. These fats can increase brain function and give steady energy throughout the day.

Carbohydrates are the body’s basic energy source, so they should not be ignored. Whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are high in carbs, which give important fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Including these in your diet plan can help you stay energized and promote overall wellness.

Benefits of Following a Macros Meal Plan

Adopting a macros eating plan, which balances macronutrients, including fats, proteins, and carbs, has several benefits for people looking to lead healthier lives. One of the key benefits is the emphasis on calorie-counted meals. By monitoring the distribution of calories and macronutrients in your meals, you may ensure that you are consuming the right number of meals for your specific health goals. This approach removes the uncertainty, which makes it easier to stick to your nutritional plans.

Another key benefit is the encouragement of nutritious meals. A macronutrient meal plan promotes the consumption of nutrient-rich meals. This involves including a wide range of entire foods in your diet, including lean proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. These options not only help you fulfil your macronutrient goals, but they also deliver important vitamins and minerals that your body requires for optimal operation. As a result, general health improves, including increased energy, mood, and immunity.

Eating healthy meals gets easier with a well-organized meal plan. You can still enjoy a variety of foods while staying within your nutritional goals. This plan encourages you to consume complete, unprocessed foods that are higher in nutrients and healthier for your overall health.

Also, it lessens the urge to eat junk food by making you more conscious of what you’re putting in your body. Another benefit is the flexibility it provides. Unlike restrictive diets that exclude entire food groups, a macro meal plan lets you eat a variety of foods. This makes it more maintainable in the long run, as you are less likely to feel deprived or constrained. Macros Meal Plan

Meal Options with Detailed Macros from “Meals on Me”

International Cuisine

Pepper Corn Beef With Mushroom Mash Potato

This dish is a hearty and flavourful combination of tender beef seasoned with peppercorns and served alongside a creamy mushroom mash potato. It’s a fusion of classic comfort food with a gourmet twist.

Calories (KCAL): 572

Protein (PRO): 42g

Carbohydrate (CARBS): 47g

Fats (FATS): 24g

Wholesome Cuisine

Japanese Ginger Beef Slices With Scallion Carrot Quinoa

Inspired by Japanese flavours, this dish featured thinly sliced beef marinated in ginger and served with a mix of scallions, carrots, and nutrient-rich quinoa. It’s balanced to provide a wholesome, nutritious meal. Macros Meal Plan

Calories (KCAL): 554

Protein (PRO): 37g

Carbohydrates (CARBS): 43g

Fats(FATS): 26g

Keto Cuisine

Streaky Beef Bacon & Cajun Chicken Caesar Salad (no Bread)

A low-carb, high-fat dish perfect for keto enthusiasts. It includes streaky beef bacon and Cajun-spiced chicken atop a bed of Caesar salad, minus the bread. This meal is designed to keep you in ketosis while offering robust flavours.

Calories (KCAL): 589

Protein (PRO): 32g

Carbohydrates(CARBS): 14g

Fats(FATS): 45g

Vegan Cuisine

Lemon Vegetable Yellow Curry With Fragrant Rice

A fragrant and flavourful vegan dish featuring a lemon-infused yellow curry with fresh vegetables served with fragrant rice.

Calories (KCAL): 487

Protein (PRO): 18g

Carbohydrates (CARBS): 52g

Fats (FATS): 23g

Vegetarian Cuisine

Rosemary Truffle Oven Bake Creamy Vegetable Lasagne

This vegetarian lasagne is a rich and creamy delight, featuring layers of vegetables and lasagne sheets. Furthermore, all components are baked with rosemary and truffle for an indulgent flavor profile. Consequently, it’s a comforting, meat-free meal.

Calories (KCAL): 487

Protein (PRO): 18g

Carbohydrates (CARBS): 52g

Fats (FATS): 23g

Ready to get started?

At Meals on Me, our Macros Meal Plan isn’t just about what you eat; rather, it’s about transforming your whole lifestyle. In addition, we believe in giving you the power to tailor your nutrition to fit your personal tastes and needs.

With our plan, it’s not about strict calorie counting or feeling restricted. Instead, it’s about embracing a sustainable way of eating that gives your body exactly what it needs to thrive. We’re all about providing you with a balanced mix of proteins, carbs, and fats that will keep you feeling energized and ready to take on whatever life throws your way..

Ready to take charge of your health journey? If so, try Meals on Me now! Additionally, we’ve got you covered with our macro-based meals. Therefore, start fueling your body, mind, and spirit with meals that truly make a difference.


What types of meals are included?

Answer: Our meal plans include a variety of lunch and dinner options. Moreover, all meals are made from fresh, high-quality ingredients and are designed to meet your macro goals.

Can we personalize my meal plan?

Answer:  Yes, our meal plans are highly personalized. Furthermore, you can select meals based on your diet choices, allergies, and macro requirements.

Can we see the nutritional information for each meal?

Answer: Indeed, detailed nutritional information, including calories and macronutrient breakdown, is provided for each meal both on our website and packaging.

How are the macros calculated for each meal?

Answer: Our nutritionists and chef carefully calculate the macronutrient content of each meal to ensure it meets the specified requirements. Specifically, this includes precise measurements of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

How do I heat the meals?

Answer:  Moreover, meals come with heating instructions and, as a result, can be easily reheated in a microwave or oven.

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