It can be quite a task to pick the best dishes from an extensive array of delicacies spanning 8 varied healthy Lunch Or Dinner meal plans! Thankfully, based on the number of times a dish has been ordered, we have compiled a list of the top 10 most loved dishes just for you!

Food is what gives us energy – we all know that don’t we! Then again, most of us tend to choose no-so-healthy food options due to lack of time and the unavailability of healthy meal plans. To help you make better, smart, and healthy choices, we bring you our Lunch Or Dinner Plans – enjoy nourishing and appetising choices that take care of your daily nutritional needs without sacrificing on flavour and variety! Each dish listed here from our healthy Lunch or Dinner Plans offers you with optimum flavours and nutrition. Our healthy Lunch Or Dinner Plans are thoughtfully crafted by experienced chefs who add in the requisite amount of flavours and keep the nutrition intact for you by using healthy cooking methods like – baking, grilling, steaming, and broiling.

Here’s to the unveiling of the dishes that have earned their place here by public demand! Let the drum rolls begin for these star healthy lunch and dinner delicacies!

Spicy Red Thai Ginger Curry with Coconut Rice (V)

  • This hearty and wholesome classic dish comes loaded with fresh and exotic flavours making it your ideal healthy lunch or dinner meal. Rich in aromatic spices, this Thai delicacy will treat your taste buds to the eclectic blend of red chilies, ginger, turmeric, garlic, limes, and lemongrass. Paired with Coconut Rice, the dish hits the right notes of taste every time you take a bite of it.
    • Health Benefits :
      1. Ginger builds immunity, reduces nausea, improves digestion, lowers blood sugar, and also curbs cancer growth.
      2. Turmeric increases the body’s antioxidant capacity. It’s also rich in curcumin which has anti-inflammatory qualities.
      3. Lemongrass improves levels of sugar and cholesterol in the blood. Red chilies help in weight loss by increasing metabolism and are also known to improve skin and hair.

Seared Paprika Fish with Rosemary Scented Potatoes

  • If you’re in the mood for a light yet healthy, flavourful & protein-rich lunch or dinner option, then this is your ideal choice. The paprika-seared fish complements the aromatic golden potatoes and is a true delight!
    • Health Benefits :
      1. Fish is a low-fat high-quality protein and is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as D and B2.
      2. Potatoes are fibre-rich and help prevent heart diseases. High in antioxidants, it fights free radicals and protects cell health.

Mexican Spice Chicken with Chipotle Potatoes

  • Flavoursome and delicious, this Mexican culinary delight steals the show every single time! The perfectly cooked chicken with its delicious Mexican spices along with the feisty chipotle dressed potatoes will make you want more of this while you opt for a healthy lunch or dinner choice!
    • Health Benefits :
      1. Chicken with its high lean protein content increases energy levels and keeps muscles healthy.
      2. Potato, the versatile root vegetable is packed with vitamins and minerals and is naturally gluten-free.

Beef Stroganoff with Veggies

  • An all-time lunch or dinner favourite, the assortments of farm fresh veggies that go in this dish ups the taste and enhance the flavour of the juicy and tender meat. A tasty and healthy midweek meal, our Beef Stroganoff with Veggies satiates all your cravings and how!
    • Health Benefits :
      1. This Russian delicacy lends protection to your immune system, heart, and blood vessels.
      2. Beef, the star ingredient of this dish is packed with iron and is also a good source of zinc, which the body needs to heal damaged tissue and support a healthy immune system.

Vegetables Lasagne with Lettuce Salad (V)

  • This star dish is a much loved one from our healthy Lunch Or Dinner Plans! Brimming with flavours this one is simply irresistible! Hearty comfort food made of creamy lasagne along with farm-fresh veggies and crunchy lettuce salad keeps your hunger pangs away in a healthy way.
    • Health Benefits :
      1. The farm fresh ingredients provide a high nutritional value.
      2. Vegetable Lasagne is a powerhouse of nutrition that protects your blood, heart, brain, blood vessels, eyesight, mood, and immune system.
      3. Lettuce is known for its high Vitamin K content while its 95% water content keeps your body hydrated.

Pasta Puttanesca (Chicken Mince & Bacon)

  • Bursting with flavours, this dish from Naples, Italy is cooked in an extremely fragrant sauce. A true culinary delight, our Pasta Puttanesca with Chicken Mince & Bacon packs a punch that will make your taste buds salivate with each slurpy bite. It makes for a healthy and super delicious lunch or dinner meal!
    • Health Benefits :
      1. Chicken is a great source of lean protein and is a healthy substitute for red meats.
      2. An excellent source of amino acids, it helps in building muscle tissues.
      3. Rich in several minerals like phosphorus and calcium, chicken helps keep bones in mint condition.
      4. Bacon while lending a crunch to every bite also takes care of your health by being a source of protein and several vitamins.
      5. Bacon contains some essential micronutrients, including potassium, which supports bone health, heart health, and muscle strength and prevents high blood pressure.

Chicken Tikka Masala with Biryani Rice

  • It is hard to not fall in love with this iconic Indian delicacy! Make your lunch or dinner a healthy and delicious affair with this one! Enjoy succulent chicken marinated with yoghurt and aromatic spices, skewered and chargrilled for incredible BBQ flavours. Goes well when paired with Biryani Rice made from long grain and aged Basmati rice.
    • Health Benefits :
      1. Chicken Tikka Masala is high in protein, which mainly comes from chicken.
      2. Protein is used by the body to repair and fix tissues and grow hair and nails, it’s also used in weight loss, controlling blood pressure, and reducing levels of bad cholesterol that build up in the body.
      3. Eating whole grains like brown basmati rice is linked to a lower risk of heart disease. Unlike regular rice, fibre-rich Basmati rice has a low (GI), between 50 and 58, which means that diabetics can eat this rice in small portions.

Mince Beef Roulade with thyme Jus & Baked Potatoes

  • A classic European dish – Mince Beef Roulade comes simmered in delicious thyme-infused jus and served with golden baked potatoes. If red meat is your thing, then this healthy dish for lunch or dinner will surely blow you away!
    • Health Benefits :
      1. Naturally rich in protein, beef also provides iron along with four essential vitamins – niacin, riboflavin, vitamins B6, and B12 – which help reduce tiredness and fatigue.
      2. The distinctly fragrant thyme not only adds flavour but also has medicinal qualities.
      3. It helps bacterial and fungal infections while also helping relieve coughing and comes with antioxidant effects. Baked potatoes are high in fibre, which helps with digestion.

Raw Thai Papaya Salad with Sprouts & Peanuts (V)

  • Pep your mood with the light and refreshing taste of our Raw Thai Papaya Salad sprinkled with crunchy sprouts and peanuts!  The spicy and tangy flavour of this low-cal meal will invigorate you for sure. Don’t miss adding this to your healthy lunch or dinner plan with us!
    • Health Benefits :
      1. Raw papaya has a host of benefits – from antioxidants to vitamins and minerals, the benefits of raw papaya can beat the goodness of many tropical fruits.
      2. A powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, raw papaya prevents heart disease, helps in cell repair, aids weight loss, and soothes inflammation.
      3. Sprouts have greater amounts of nutrients than fully-grown versions of the same plants.
      4. High on nutrition, they contain high levels of folate, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin K. Peanuts are rich in protein, fat, and fibre.

Halloumi & Peach Salad with Pomegranate Dressing (V)

  • This one brings together the fruity flavour of peach & the sweet notes of pomegranate with the appealing yet mellow taste of the Cypriot cheese – Halloumi! The salad offers a clever combination of flavours and texture! Opt for this and make your lunch or dinner a healthy affair!
    • Health Benefits :
      1. Halloumi comes with a good amount of protein and calcium content – making it ideal for promoting bone health.
      2. Loaded with Vitamin C, peach promotes healing, improves eyesight, keeps digestion running smoothly, and also helps to maintain a healthy weight.
      3. Rich in antioxidants, pomegranate is known to enhance immunity and support urinary health while keeping inflammation at bay.

With this handy compilation, you can now pick your favourite from these appetising dishes and keep your fitness intact with our healthy and convenient Lunch Or Dinner Plans! Go, ahead and choose your favourite meal plans from Meals On Me now!

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