“What is keto?” is one of the most searched questions on Google. This goes to show that Keto diet has become one of the most talked about diets of recent times. So what is the keto diet all about?

The keto diet essentially aims to force your body into ketosis by consuming high amounts of fat, a moderate amount of protein, and a very limited amount of carbs. After you follow the diet for a few days, your body enters ketosis, which means it has started to use fat for energy. Studies suggest that the ideal macronutrient ratio for a keto diet is:

  • 55% – 60% fat
  • 30% – 35% protein
  • 5% – 10% carbs

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Health Benefits

Helps In Weight Loss

Research shows that a keto meal plan may help in weight loss and improve lean muscle mass. So if you’re aiming at maintaining a moderate body weight or want to lose weight or reduce body fat then opting for a keto meal plan delivery is a great idea.

Promotes Heart Health

The ketones that the body produces, thanks to the keto diet, works wonders for your cardiovascular health by reducing cholesterol levels.

Manages Blood Sugar

Going on a keto diet may have a positive impact on blood sugar levels and insulin resistance.

Curbs Your Appetite

Going on a low-carb diet like Keto can automatically reduce your appetite and thereby your calorie intake. Another positive is that the diet itself is so filling that it leads to lesser hunger pangs.

Keeps Blood Pressure In Check

Cutting carbs can lead to a significant reduction in blood pressure. This reduces the risk of health conditions associated with high blood pressure, such as heart disease, stroke and kidney disease.

Better Mental Performance

Increasing intake of healthy fats with omega-3, such as those found in oily fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel, can improve mood and learning ability.

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