These low-calorie meals under 200 calories are ideal for those on the 5:2 diet or who are counting calories and watching what they eat.

Counting the calories in your meals is an excellent way to keep track of how much food you consume, but where do you begin? We went through all of our recipes to find the best meals under 200 calories or less – so you don’t have to.

Women are advised to consume 2,000 calories per day, so allocating only 200 calories for a main meal is a challenge – but it is doable.

Why choose a healthy meal plan to follow your 200-calorie diet?

MOM’s calorie-counted meal subscription is both healthy and cost-effective.

The Meals On Me (MOM calorie counted) meal plan has great flavor, health benefits, and premium packaging. MOM’s healthy meals in Dubai are prepared by expert chefs who know how to sprinkle their passion and dedication so that you receive the correct amount of nutrients. We can serve you at your convenience, whether you want a calorie-counted healthy lunch or dinner. We provide more than just delicious meals at Meals On Me.

Chefs handpick freshly prepared meals made with fresh, organic, and non-GMO ingredients. You can enjoy light, refreshing, delicious, and healthy meals delivered to your office or home for free by selecting our monthly or weekly healthy meal plan.


Our calorie-counting healthy lunch and dinner subscription plan delivers the best of a diet to you on a plate. Each carefully crafted healthy meal that leaves our kitchen provides a wide range of benefits, including potential weight loss, increased energy, and treatment of chronic illness.

Increase Your Energy Levels

You’ve been staring at your laptop screen when you notice a haze surrounding you. Have you had a similar experience? To be honest, we all have. This one, also known as the post-lunch slump, afternoon slump, or energy dip, simply pulls our energy levels down, and how!

Our calorie-counted meals – under the 200 calories-counted healthy meal plan in Dubai – are office lunch and dinner that boosts your energy levels and is reflected in your work.

Stay Fit & Lean Weight Loss – This is one of the most well-known advantages of following a healthy meal plan – calorie-counted meals! If you want to be healthy and toned, these healthy meal plans are the way to go.

If you want to lose fat and build muscle faster, our low-carb healthy meal plan is your best friend. We assist you in not only reducing carbs but also reducing them in a healthy manner.

According to studies, these cheap meal plans work wonders for weight loss and health shape. One of the primary advantages of our healthy office lunch and dinner meal plan is that it can assist you living in a better shape.

Our calorie-counted Keto meals keep insulin, your fat-storing hormone, at a low level. As a result, your body transforms into a fat-burning machine.

What makes Meals on Me one of the best calorie-counted meal plan delivery services in Dubai? Let’s explore.

Meal Personalization:

We accept personalized and customized orders for your calorie-counted office lunch and dinner. Our chef can tailor the meal items to your eating habits and protein or fat requirements. A well-balanced healthy diet will train your body to re-energize as needed.

Free delivery to your doorstep: 

We provide free delivery on all orders in addition to an affordable and low-cost meal subscription rate. Our delivery service will bring your well-packaged meals to you at no extra charge, with no hidden fees.

Maintain quality: 

Customers place a high value on the quality of the ingredients and vegetables used in the meals. Customers frequently inquire whether the ingredients in these cheap meal plans – calorie-counted meal plans – are sustainable, local, fresh, organic, or non-GMO. Meals On Me manages all of these metrics in order to provide healthy and high-quality food to their customers, keeping their health and smiles in good shape.

Wide variety of cuisines: 

Meals On Me offers a wide variety of cuisines and tastes, beginning with Vegan/Vegetarian, Indian, Wholesome, International, and Arabic. You won’t get bored because different healthy meals have distinct flavors. Each dish has a distinct flavor that will please your taste buds. If you are in Dubai, order your healthy office lunch and dinner today.

Wide range of cuisines for your healthy meals under 200 calories – a cheap meal plan in Dubai.

Keto – Enjoy the benefits of high-fat, high-protein, and low-carb meals.

Vegan – Nutritious plant-based meals that promote good health

Vegetarians can enjoy nutritious meals that combine plant and dairy products.

Wholesome meals that are high in protein and antioxidants and are a treat for your taste buds

International – Hand-picked famous healthy meals from around the world.

Arabic – Provides nourishing meals from regional cuisines using local spices and ingredients unique to the Arab world.

Indian – The best subcontinent cuisine, with vibrant low-fat dishes from India made with healthy Indian ingredients and traditional cooking methods.

Flexibility – Unable to choose from a menu? There is no need to be concerned. With Flex, you can get a taste of all six cuisines in one!

Office Lunch Delivery

Working professionals frequently have back-to-back meetings and hectic work schedules, so they frequently skip lunch and survive on snacks for the entire day. This, however, is harmful to the body and health. Try Meals On Me if you’re sick of the same old boring office lunch. MOM is well-known for its office lunch delivery service to offices. So, if you want a healthy and cheap meal for your office lunch, we can make it and deliver it to you. To ensure that you do not go hungry, we will serve office lunch on time.

With our exciting under 200-calorie meal plan – office lunch and dinner options – you can say goodbye to mindless snacking between meals and start losing weight! This is because these healthy and inexpensive meal plans normalize your hunger, leaving little room for unexpected hunger pangs. No more stacking snacks on your desk because our office lunch delivery will keep you full for longer.

Summing it up

Are you ready to try the famed meals under 200 calories counted meal plan to experience a healthy lifestyle? Meals on Me’s a calorie-counted meal plan and affordable meal plan delivery service in Dubai is your best bet.

Meals on Me is one of the best budget-friendly, healthy, and cheap meal plan delivery services in Dubai. It provides numerous advantages and cuisines for your diet. Everyone should eat these healthy meals to stay healthy and fit. Choosing calorie-counted meal plan subscription is the best fitness and life decision you can make. We must select calorie-restricted meal plans because we have the ability to fuel the body with the proper food and diet every day. This healthy office lunch and dinner meal plan will undoubtedly improve and maintain your health, fitness, and mind. So, don’t wait any longer and sign up for your Meals On Meal subscription (daily office lunch and dinner) today.

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