If you’re tired of the daily struggle to eat healthy and stay on track with your diet, you might find the answer in meal prep. With Meals on Me, you can make meal prep simple, convenient, and enjoyable while meeting your health and nutrition goals. Whether you’re aiming for a low-calorie meal plan, a high-protein meal plan, or a nutrient-rich meal plan, our meal plans are designed to help you succeed.Dont miss out Pro-Tips For Advanced Meal Prep from Meals On Me

What is Meal Prep?

Meal prep is all about getting your meals ready in advance. Instead of cooking every day, you prepare your meals for the week in one go. It’s a fantastic strategy for sticking to a calorie-counted meal plan, as it helps you manage portion sizes and ensures you have healthy options ready to go.

Why is Meal Prep So Great?

Save Time and Stress Less

One of the biggest advantages of meal prep is that it saves you time. Imagine having a whole week’s worth of meals ready to go! With Meals on Me, you don’t have to worry about daily cooking or last-minute meal decisions. Our calorie-counted meal prep options make it easy to stay on track with your diet without any added stress. Therefore, you can maintain your dietary goals effortlessly.

Save Money and Reduce Waste

Preparing meals in bulk can help you save money and cut down on food waste. Furthermore, our nutrient meal plan ensures you get the most value from your ingredients. Meals on Me offers delicious, balanced meals at a great price, so you can stick to your health goals and you get more value for your money.

Enjoy Delicious, Ready-to-Eat Meals

With Meals on Me’s calorie-counted meal plan, you don’t have to sacrifice taste for convenience. We offer a range of delicious, pre-prepared meals. From low-calorie options to high-protein meals, our plans are designed to keep you satisfied and healthy.

Healthier Eating: With Meals on Me’s low-calorie meal plan or high-protein meal plan, you can enjoy delicious, balanced meals that support your health goals. Each meal is crafted to be nutritious and aligned with your diet needs.

How Meals on Me Can Help with Advanced Meal Prep

At Meals on Me, we don’t just provide meals; we offer a complete meal prep solution that’s focused on your success. Our calorie counted meal plans are meticulously crafted to ensure you get the perfect balance of macros – proteins, fats, and carbs – so you can achieve your fitness goals without the hassle. Every meal is carefully prepared to help you stay on track, whether your aim for weight loss, muscle gain, or overall wellness.

We take pride in offering an impressive array of cuisine options. You can indulge in everything from International flavours to Wholesome, Keto, Arabic , Indian , Vegan, and Vegetarian dishes. This isn’t just about convenience; it’s about enjoying a diverse range of meals that keep you excited about your food while sticking to your calorie counted meal prep plan.

For those working in the UAE, we offer exceptional office lunch options. We know how challenging it can be to find healthy, satisfying lunch choices in a busy workday, so we bring delicious and nutritious meals right to your workplace. It’s a simple way to make sure you’re eating well, even on your busiest days.

Forget the stress of meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking. With Meals on Me, you get a seamless calorie counted meal plan that fits perfectly into your life. Just choose your plan, and we’ll handle the rest –  delivering fresh, ready-to-eat meals right to your door. We also offer personalised meal plans to ensure that your diet is tailored exactly to your needs. Whether you need a low-calorie meal plan to help you shed pounds or a high-protein meal plan to build muscle, we’re here to support your goals with precision and care.

When it comes to finding the best meal plan for advanced meal prep, Meals on Me stands out from the crowd. Our comprehensive calorie counted meal prep options are designed to keep you on track and satisfied, while our diverse meal choices make every day a new culinary adventure.

Pro-Tips for Planning Out Your Meals on Me Menu

Planning your “Meals on Me” menu can be both fun and simple if you follow a few key steps. Here’s how to get started:

1. Set Your Goals

First, think about what you want to achieve with your meals. Are you aiming to lose weight, build muscle, or just maintain your current weight? This will help you figure out how many carbs, fats, and proteins you need each day. Also, decide if you want to follow a specific diet like vegan, vegetarian, keto, or just a balanced diet.

2. Know Your Macros

Once you have your goals set, use an online macro calculator to determine the right mix of carbs, fats, and proteins for you. Then, make sure each meal you plan fits these ratios.

3. Mix Up Your Cuisines

Variety is the spice of life! To keep things interesting, include a mix of different cuisines in your menu. “Meals on Me” offers International, Wholesome, Keto, Indian ,Arabic, Vegan and Vegetarian options, so take advantage of that.

4. Plan for Convenience

Choose meals that are easy to prepare or that you can make ahead of time. This will save you a lot of stress during busy days. Also, stock up on healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, and protein bars to keep you going between meals.

5. Listen to Your Body

Pay attention to how different foods make you feel. If something isn’t working for you, don’t be afraid to make adjustments. And remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

Sample Weekly Menu Plan

Here’s a simple menu to get you started:

Keto Meal Plan

Tom Yum Chicken Breast with Cilantro Mayo & Dual Cabbage Rice

Cheese Baked Moussaka – Eggplant/Marrow/Trio Peppers with House Salad (Vegetarian)

Wholesome Meal Plan

Madras Curry Marinated Fish with Tempered Pineapple Salsa, Baked Carrot & Quinoa Mix

Great British Chicken Curry with Red Rice

International Meal Plan

Plancha Seared Beef with Caper Butter Sauce & Vegetable Patties

Malaysian Sambal Chicken with Vegetable Fried Rice

Vegan and Vegetarian Meal Plan

Salad Vinaigrette – Consisting of Boiled Beets, Potatoes, & Carrots Combined with Sauerkraut & Onions (Vegan)

Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Chilli Con Carne with Whole Wheat Bread (Vegetarian)

Arabic Meal Plan

Shalal Cheese/Peach/Chickpeas Salad with Lemon Mustard Dressing (Vegetarian)

Lebanese Baked Paprika Chicken with Garlic Gherkin Sauce & Samoon Bread

Indian Meal Plan

Tehri Tawa Pulao with Laccha Pyaaz & Achar (Vegetarian)

Chicken & Lentil Pulao with Tadka Pyaz, Pickle & Yoghurt


If you’re looking to simplify your life and eat healthier, then advanced meal prep with Meals on Me is the way to go. By following our expert tips and choosing our macro-friendly meal options, meal prep becomes a breeze. Consequently, you’ll save time, reduce stress, and enjoy delicious, nutritious meals that support your health goals. Get Pro-Tips For Advanced Meal Prep

Meals on Me has meal plans tailored to suit your needs, with a variety of options available. Therefore, say goodbye to daily cooking hassles and hello to a healthier, more convenient way to eat with Meals on Me.


Are the meals suitable for office lunches?

Answer: Absolutely! Meals on Me offers excellent office lunch options, thereby making it easy to eat well even on your busiest workdays. Moreover, our meals are designed to be convenient and satisfying.

How do I get started with Meals on Me?

Answer: Simply visit our website, then choose the meal plan that best fits your needs, and finally place your order. Subsequently, we’ll handle the rest, delivering fresh, nutritious meals straight to your doorstep.

What makes Meals on Me different from other meal prep services?

Answer: Meals on Me stands out due to our focus on macro-friendly meal options, diverse cuisines, and personalised meal plans. Our commitment to quality, convenience, and customer satisfaction sets us apart from other meal prep services. Consequently, you can trust that you’ll receive the best possible experience with us.

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