Ramadan is a month of fasting and reflection for Muslims. It can also be a time of overindulgence and failing to meet daily nutritional requirements for many people. Follow these 5 important tips for this special month.

Fasting during Ramadan also puts you at risk of dehydration because your food and drink intake is limited to before sunrise and after sunset. Furthermore, because fasting people generally get up early to eat their suhoor (or pre-dawn meal), sleep deprivation and dehydration can cause headaches.

However, with a little knowledge and preparation, it is possible to enjoy Ramadan while remaining healthy and fit. Here are some of Ramadan eating 5 important tips to help you get through the fasting month with ease from a healthy meal delivery Dubai – Meals on Me.

If you are new to Dubai and beginning to wonder what you should and should not do during the Holy month, find out with Meals on Me – a healthy meal plan delivery in Dubai, everything you need to know about the Ramadan code of conduct in Dubai.

Being in Dubai all through Ramadan is a fantastic way to immerse oneself in the rich Islamic tradition. Contrary to popular belief, Ramadan is a fantastic time to visit Dubai. Because of the sacred experience of reflection, worship, and self-improvement, the otherwise fast-paced city is quieter than usual, and the lack of crowds means that your vacation is more relaxed but equally exciting.

Ramadan and Its Importance

Ramadan, also known as Ramzan, is observed by Muslims worldwide during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. According to Islamic belief, it is the month when the first revelation of the Quran was given to the Prophet Muhammad. Muslims spend the month in prayer and reflection. They reflect on their previous actions and cleanse themselves in preparation for Eid-ul-Fitr.

Follow these amazing 5 Important Tips and enjoy a healthy and fit Ramadan

Never forget Suhoor.

How many times have we heard the expression “breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” During Ramadan, this adage takes on added significance. There will be times when you feel compelled to sleep. But don’t surrender! Skipping Suhoor increases the amount of time your body has to go without food. This could result in fatigue and dehydration. Suhoor also helps you avoid overeating during Iftar. Make sure you eat enough before beginning your fast. You don’t want to begin the day hungry and exhausted.

A healthy meal while having suhoor can help you a lot with nutrients and proteins. If you are new to Dubai and are probably wondering how to manage Ramadan fasting and office and suhoor all together, do not worry; we have got your back. Meals on Me – a healthy meal plan delivery service is here to help you with its wide variety of cuisines and Islamic taste. You can opt for a weekly or monthly healthy meal plan to get through Ramadan.

Do not overeat at Iftar.

It can be difficult to resist the urge to indulge in a lavish meal with family and friends after a day of fasting!! But, as appealing as it may sound, overindulging in high-fat foods is not a good idea. Avoid rich, greasy, fried, and sugary foods. Instead of eating a lot of unhealthy food to get rid of hunger, you can opt for some healthy meals. If you are alone, you can opt for trending healthy meal plan services in Dubai – to help you out with Ramadan fasting eating rituals.

Don’t worry if you’re short on time and unable to eat the right foods during the 30-day fast! We’ve got your back. Choose our special Ramadan meals, which are tasty, non-greasy, and nutritious. Instead of frying, Meals On Me employs healthy cooking methods such as grilling, baking, and steaming. Enjoy chef-prepared meals that are flavorful and satisfy all of your cravings. That isn’t all. We also provide free delivery! Learn more about our healthy meal plans by clicking here.

By following a Ramadan workout and diet plan, you can easily maintain your fitness, overall health, and energy levels during Ramadan. We wish you all a Happy Ramadan Kareem. Have a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends, and stay healthy!!

Consume plenty of water and hydrating foods

Consuming more water, fluids, and hydrating foods can help your body replace the water lost during the fast. Include fruits like watermelon and oranges, or make salads with fresh garden veggies like cucumbers, tomatoes, and more greens. Avoid sugary drinks and carbonated beverages.

Working Out During Ramadan

Even if you are unable to follow your usual workout routine all through Ramadan, try to keep walking and moving throughout the day (remember not to overdo it either). Take a walk during the day, or whenever possible, use the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator. It would be ideal if you could also exercise during Ramadan. However, avoid rigorous training. It’s also important to remember that going to the gym right after Iftar is not a good idea—let your body digest some of the food first!

Consider a meal plan

Most of us have different schedules due to work or sending our children to school, making it difficult to prepare a meal for family and friends. Given our hectic lifestyles, choosing a healthy meal subscription plan that provides nutritious and delicious meals during Ramadan is the best option. Meals on Me offers Ramadan special healthy meals prepared by renowned chefs in the UAE. Our delicious Iftar meals for corporates and families are non-greasy, light, energizing, and packed with goodness, allowing you to enjoy the Ramadan spirit without cooking. Furthermore, we provide free delivery on your favorite meals! You can now break your fast with your colleagues, friends, and family, whether at home or at work.

To sum it up – Ramadan is a beautiful and very religious month for Islam. With its significance and importance, one must keep in mind the 5 important tips to keep your health in shape. There are a lot of healthy meal plan services in Dubai to help you out throughout Ramadan. There is a wide variety of healthy meal plans offered with free delivery to help you to breakfast as needed. Get Ready to Subscribe for your Ramadan healthy meal plan at – Meals On Me – Ramadan Special

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