Did you know that pre-planning your plate can make a huge difference in your goals and life? One of the primary benefits of following a healthy monthly or weekly meal plan is that it reduces mealtime stress and helps you eat better every time!

Dubai, a thriving metropolis, is now inundated with healthy meal plan providers, making it difficult to choose the best healthy meal plan for you. Not to worry! We’ve got your back.

Lack of time, rising grocery costs, and a greater awareness of healthy food and wellness have all contributed to a significant increase in the number of people opting for healthy meal plans. In recent years, the number of meal plan services in Dubai has increased exponentially. Meals On Me has established itself as Dubai’s preferred and leading healthy meal plan subscription service and an affordable meal plan.


Meal planning, particularly healthy meal planning for healthy office snacks or home meals. It’s extra work in addition to the mental workload of your daily routine. At a certain point throughout the day, one has to sit down and think about what to prepare and eat for dinner and lunch (this is time that could be spent watching your favorite web series or doing nothing!).

Healthy weekly and monthly meal plans from Meals on Me handle a slew of complicated decisions on your behalf, while also preparing delicious meals for you—ideal for lunch at the office or dinner at home!


A healthy diet plan must be a “complete package” to be effective. It must provide convenience, health, and flavor while saving time and money. Even if one of these factors is missing, there is a good chance that the meal plan will not work for you in the long run.

Meals On Me gets a perfect ten in this category! Our weekly and monthly meal plans improve the quality of your lifestyle on multiple levels. Do it with your preferred healthy meal plan service in Dubai.


1. Healthy Meal Plans for Everyone

There was a significant gap between market availability and demand for nutritious and delicious foods. The available options at the time are either blending or simply uninteresting, and they are expensive as well.

The goal of Meals on Me’s healthy weekly and monthly meal plans was to make healthy and delicious food available to customers at an affordable price, thereby improving their quality of life.

2. Spreading Joy Through Food

The brand logo, which depicts the food cloche cover speeding ahead on wheels, best captures the essence of Meals on Me.

The food cloche cover represents fresh food delivered safely and quickly to our customers. It protects the food and keeps it fresh, safe, and sanitary. However, even the food cloche cover indicates that the meal’s taste and flavors are well preserved when we deliver it to our customers.

Convenient Healthy Meals – by Meals on Me

Mealtimes can be tense. As it comes with a slew of questions that pop into your head! What are you having for lunch or dinner at work today? Will it be haphazard food thrown together after a long day at work, or has it been planned? Will you simply stop at a drive-thru on your way home, or do you have a plan?

With Meals on Me, you can now put an end to all of these questions!

Remove stress from your already hectic life by choosing one of our healthy weekly, monthly lunch, or dinner meal plans and say goodbye to mealtime woes for good.

Healthy Meals to Brighten Your Day

Our light, energy-boosting healthy meals are ideal for office lunches! They won’t let you feel bloated at work and keep you from experiencing the dreaded afternoon slump! You can even save time ordering food on apps or waiting for your lunch to arrive forever!

Increase the number of free hours in your schedule

Cooking, cleaning, grocery store trips, and deciding what to cook and eat can all be easily stowed away from your to-do list with our gourmet chef-crafted meals! You will have more time to pursue hobbies, spend quality time with loved ones, or simply snooze a little longer in the mornings.

Meals On Me’s healthy weekly and monthly Lunch Or Dinner meal plans ensure you can easily carve out time for yourself!

Healthy Meal Plans on a Budget

If you want to eat healthily, buying food for your office snacks or dinner at home can be an expensive affair. Meals on Me provides nutritious meals at prices that will surprise you (pleasantly, of course!).

In keeping with our motto of making healthy eating more affordable, each of our healthy weekly and monthly meal plans is reasonably priced. As a result of making them easier to incorporate into your daily lives.

Free Delivery to Your Door at No Additional Cost

We also allow you to save even more money by charging AED 0 for delivery. There is no need for the requirement of paying delivery fees for all your meals. Choose any healthy meal plan – weekly or monthly – and always get free delivery.

Choosing our healthy weekly or monthly meal subscription plan allows you to save not only money but also time!

Weekly and monthly meal plans that are varied and balanced

Food variety is essential for good health in addition to pleasing the taste buds. This is true as different foods provide different types and amounts of essential nutrients.

We bring a well-balanced diet that includes vegetables, meat, fresh greens, legumes, whole grains, nuts, fruits, and added healthy fats. We emphasize lean protein, low carbohydrate intake, and unsaturated fats.

To sum up, Meals on Me is a fully healthy meal package service that is ideal for anyone. People who lead a busy lifestyle while incorporating healthy eating into their daily routine without resorting to bland and monotonous dishes. We remove decision-making from your meals, removing one more stressor from your day.

Subscribing to Meals on Me’s Smart Healthy Office Snacks or Dinner Plans will save you a lot of stress, time, money, and effort! By doing this you will feel surprised by the positive changes in improving the quality of your life.

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