If you are making New Year resolutions either or both on saving more money and eating healthy food, then this article is just meant for you.

Who doesn’t like their bank accounts getting fuller and their waistline getting slimmer! Unsurprisingly, both these goals are on the top 3 list of New Year resolutions.

However, for many this can get overwhelming. But, no sweat – when you have Dubai’s best meal plan service by your side, achieving seemingly difficult tasks can get easy.

We are quite excited to give you a helping hand on how to increase savings and better your health in 2023. Without any further delay, let’s crack the code to help you achieve your goals for the New Year! Here’s to a healthier and wealthier you !


Tip # 1 Boost Your Metabolism

Keep your metabolism rate high in 2023 with our healthy and convenient lunch and dinner meal plans. A high metabolic rate is generally associated with better fitness levels and good health.

For the uninitiated, metabolism in simple terms is the rate at which the body uses energy or burns calories. It stands for all the chemical reactions in your body that keep your body alive and functioning.

A healthy metabolism rate helps you in weight loss, weight management, keeps you energy level up, and also ensures that all nutrients are absorbed by your body.

Our healthy lunch and dinner options are prepared with ingredients and produce that enhance metabolism activity in your body.

If you are looking for weight loss or management specifically, do remember that regularly exercise along with our healthy meal plan will help you achieve your goal better.

Tip # 2 Enjoy Guilt-Free Food Here

No more holding back your cravings for delicious yet nutritious food! Our healthy meal plans give you the freedom to eat healthier, live to the fullest and do more! They help you –

  • achieve adequate health and nutrition for your body
  • to eat controlled portions
  • stick to your culinary nutrition goals effectively
  • with healthier alternatives to ordering food online every day

Our healthy meal plans offering lunch and dinner keep you feeling invigorated and revitalised without having to lift a finger. All our healthy meals are curated with passion by our experienced chefs using only the freshest ingredients and non-GMO produce. Our low-carb meals with high lean protein content keep you full for long. This means no mindless snacking between your meals that can lead to weight gain.

Tip # 3 Wide Variety That Makes Healthy Eating Exciting

Food is an emotion that needs to excite and inspire. That’s what all our meals do to you – they excite and inspire to be your fitter and better version – making them your ideal choice for staying healthy in 2023. And we do this without giving up on either nutrition or flavour.

Our extensive range of healthy lunch and dinner plans are spread across 6 cuisines – Keto, Vegan/Vegetarian, Wholesome, International, Arabic and Indian cater to all your cravings in the most nutritive and delicious way. Besides these, we have the Flex meal plan that allows you enjoy all 6 cuisines in 1; and the other one being Top Sellers meal plan which treats you with our ‘best-selling dishes’.

Deliciousness and variety in a healthy meal plan are what keeps you hooked onto it for the whole year – making your New Year resolution of getting fitter easier every time you eat your lunch at office or dinner at home.

Get to make your own menu for your office lunch and dinner at home by choosing from almost 30+ chef-made dishes every single day.


Tip # 4 – Slash Grocery Expense

The weekly and monthly grocery shopping is one of the biggest spends in most families. By subscribing to our healthy weekly and monthly lunch and dinner plans you can easily reduce grocery shopping expenditure.

How? Well the answer is with no cooking to be done you don’t need to buy large quantities of grocery. With our healthy lunch and dinner meal plan service, you can easily cut back costs at the grocery store when inflation is driving prices up. We help you spend less on groceries and still put nutritious meals on the table.

Tip # 5 – No Unnecessary Supermarket Trips

With no grocery shopping to do, your trips to the supermarket get reduced greatly. How does this impact your savings? Well, this automatically puts a stop on impulsive purchases. In fact, researchers estimate that, on average, households throw away about 30% of the food they buy.

Having your weekly and monthly meals planned with Meals On Me doesn’t require you to stack up your pantry fully. Here, too you save big bucks!

Tip # 6 No Ordering From Restaurants

When you’re running against the clock and hunger strikes you, the most common reaction is to call for food from your local restaurant or food app. Now, it’s a known fact that eating out regularly can drain your wallet and how.

According to a study, the cost to prepare an average non-vegetarian meal comes to AED 50. Ordering the same kind of meal from an average restaurant will be approximately AED 110 and this price does not include tax and delivery charges.

Now pitch the above figures against the affordable pricing our lunch and dinner meal plans offering 5 days of delivery – weekly plans at AED 166 and monthly plans at AED 587. For the weekly plan, enjoy 5 days at AED 166 including VAT, and for the monthly plan, relish 20 days at AED 587 including VAT. Do the math and you’ll be taken aback how much you can save with us on every meal.

The modest pricing of our healthy lunch and dinner meal plans are inclusive of VAT and free delivery. There are no hidden costs, and you pay only for the food unlike the office lunch that you order daily from your food app or eatery.

Tip # 7 Giveaways & Offers Help Stack Up Your Savings

We like it when our patrons save more with us; it’s also a way to express our thanks for being part of our vibrant and ever-growing Meals On Me family.

Our hot deals and exciting giveaways make healthy eating all the more less expensive for you. They are a great way to double up your savings and benefits! Modest pricing along with our irresistible offers and contests add more to your savings.

To stay updated on our offers and discounts, don’t forget to stay connected with us on our social media accounts (@hellomealsonme on Instagram and Facebook); or you can visit us at www.hellomealsonme.com

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Achieve Your New Year Resolution With Ease

For achieving any resolution, one has to set a goal and then work towards it. It is very crucial to think about what you want to save for, how much you need and how long you need to save for it. Once you have earmarked these, then all you need to do is subscribe to our healthy lunch and dinner meal plans and start saving big and staying healthier!

Get your 2023 on a flying start by hopping on board with Meals On Me and transform your savings and health for the better with our smart and convenient meal plans! Remember be it your financial fitness via healthy food, Meals On Me is always there to support you.

With only a few weeks gone by in 2023, and it’s time to reset yourself and get working towards your New Year’s resolution. It’s the time for reflection and setting goals. Whether you want to get in shape, or make a plan to save money, or both – you have Dubai’s best meal plan service by your side.