Is a plant-based or vegan diet really good? Each day, more people across the globe are embracing a vegan or plant-based diet. With so many claims to how a vegan meal plan brings in a host of positive changes, let’s do a fact check here.

Before we proceed further, it’s important to clear a common misconception – a vegetarian meal plan is the same as a vegan plan. A vegan diet is totally plant-based with no place for animal produce like meat, honey, milk and dairy products. A vegetarian meal plan on the other hand is largely plant-based and allows for using certain animal produce like milk and dairy products, honey etc. Both vegans and vegetarians choose to not eat meat.

In a nutshell, veganism is a stricter and prohibits from using eggs, honey, dairy, and any other items that derive from animal products, such as leather and silk.

Often many vegans face some difficulty in finding good vegan food options. And the ones that are available have limited options. Thankfully, vegans in Dubai now have got good news and can forget all their meal woes! Here’s how –


Meals On Me brings you a vibrant vegan meal plan that’s packed with fabulously delicious plant-based delicacies picked from all over the world. Unlike the common notion that a vegan diet is only about boring broccoli and kale, our vegan plan will get your taste buds excited with sensationally appetising choices. Get an affordable vegan/vegetarian meal plan and save on free doorstep delivery at your office and home.

Decide what you want to eat by making your own menu. Our new menu every week ensures that there’s no repetition of dishes and adds an element of culinary excitement. Stack up on health benefits and also save time and money while being good to the environment by choosing our vegan meal plan.

A vegan diet totally devoid of animal produce and hence, raises concern on not being able to fulfil the daily nutritional intake. This is a myth that’s shattered by our Vegan Lunch Or Dinner Plan.

You won’t necessarily miss out on protein when going vegan. The absence of meat is fulfilled by protein-rich plant-based option such as nuts, seeds, quinoa, beans, soy-based products, vegetables like broccoli, greens, chickpeas, spinach, seaweed etc.

Our delicious vegan lunch and dinner plans gives you access to a variety of great and healthy sources of protein!

Check out a few of the benefits of going vegan with Meals On Me –

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1. Say Hello To A Healthier Gut

A vegan meal plan treats your gut with love. Your gut is happier with a vegan diet as it affects the gut microbiome – which is nothing but the name for the collection of gut bacteria, fungi, and viruses that live in your intestines.

A healthy microbiome is a diverse microbiome. A plant-based diet is the best way to achieve this. A vegan diet has been shown to promote more diverse and stable microbial systems. According to the study, vegans and vegetarians have much higher counts of certain bacterial organisms compared to omnivores.

2. Helps To Lose That Extra Weight

Vegetables, legumes, fruits and other plant-based food items contain more water and fibre as compared to meat, dairy products, eggs etc. This makes the caloric density of many vegan foods significantly lower than foods derived from animals. Besides this, it also makes you feel satiated and full. So the fuller you are on the good stuff, the fewer calories you take in over the course of the day.

Also, most people who switch to a vegan diet experience significant weight loss as long as they are focusing on eating whole, natural foods.

3. Lowers Blood Pressure

A vegan meal plan is rich in antioxidants, minerals like potassium and nitrates – all these help in lowering blood pressure. In fact, studies have shown that those on vegan diet have experienced substantial improvements with decreased blood pressure levels.

4. Boost Cardiovascular Health

The key to promoting cardiovascular health is keeping a tab on cholesterol. A vegan diet can lower both blood pressure and cholesterol. Most studies show a decrease in both “bad” LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol levels. Research has shown that a plant-based diet is associated with a lower risk of incident cardiovascular diseases.

For adults, both young and old, a healthy vegan diet may lower the risk for heart attacks and other types of cardiovascular diseases.

5. Raise Anti-Inflammatory Levels

There are many studies that have been conducted to show how a daily intake of vegan meal can help reduce inflammation. Plant-based foods contain higher levels of anti-oxidants which are nothing but nature’s way of sending little inflammation blockers.

What you need to do to raise anti-inflammatory levels is go for a balanced vegan meal plan that’s low in inflammatory compounds like processed oils and saturated fats.

A vegan diet helps to reduce chronic inflammation linked to difficulties losing weight, pain, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, gastrointestinal complications, lower energy, and frequent infections.

6. Regulate Blood Sugar

Improve your insulin sensitivity and lower your blood sugar by opting for a plant-based diet. The high fibre content, low-glycemic complex carbohydrates along with being high in resistant starch makes plant-based food ideal for regulating your blood sugar.

A vegan diet is low on saturated fat which is associated with elevated blood sugar levels.

7. Get That Glowing Skin

The body’s largest organ – the skin – benefits highly from a vegan diet. Go on a vegan diet and you’ll be set for a better complexion that glows. Removal of dairy products from your diet can go a long way in fighting acne menace. The natural antioxidants in vegetables and fruits improve your complexion and fight against pigmentation.


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