Are you also worried about your cholesterol level and trying to maintain a healthy diet- healthy meals every day to reduce the risk of diseases caused by cholesterol? Cholesterol is one such element that if not controlled, you can risk severe circumstances, but you need not worry as some healthy eating habits and leading a top healthy lifestyle can help you lower these risks. Healthy meal planning ahead of schedule can help you keep good track of everything you want. So to take care of the same, a leading Dubai meal prep service, Meals on Me, is presenting a guide to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Cholesterol has a reputation for raising your risk for heart disease and stroke. But what exactly is cholesterol, and why should you be concerned about it? Continue reading to learn more about cholesterol and the five habits you may change to enhance your cholesterol levels.

What Is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a type of fatty molecule found in your blood. Cholesterol is necessary for your body since it helps to synthesize vitamins and builds cells and hormones. The liver produces the cholesterol required by the body. Yet, even food products contribute to the formation of cholesterol. While cholesterol is vital for your body, too much of it can lead to cardiovascular disease. If your body has too much cholesterol, it will combine with toxins and other toxic elements in your blood, resulting in plaque that adheres to the walls of your arteries. The risk of heart attacks and heart disease grows considerably as a result of such buildups.

To maintain the cholesterol level along with your healthy meal eating habits, you must maintain a quality meal plan lifestyle.


Who doesn’t want to be healthier and fitter? Your diet must be perfect in order to attain your health goals. The key to living a healthy lifestyle is to provide your body with the nutrition it needs on a regular basis.

An easy and result-yielding method to achieve this right is going for a healthy weekly or monthly food plan. Nutritionists and dietitians have been talking about meal planning ahead of time because having a well-planned diet has various advantages.

Good Practices to Lower Your Cholesterol!

Maintain that Belly fat!

This is why metabolism is such a crucial factor in remaining fit and in shape. A faster or higher metabolic rate indicates that the body burns more calories at rest and during activity. In contrast, a person with a lower or slower metabolic rate burns fewer calories throughout the day and hence must eat less to avoid gaining weight.

A fast metabolism means you’ll need to consume more calories to stay at the same weight. One reason some people can eat more than others without gaining weight is because of this. Your diet and your lifestyle affect your body health and that affects your cholesterol level.

Ensures That All Nutrients Are Absorbed By The Body 

Eating healthy meals is the key to ensuring that your body gets all of the nutrition it requires. Although the body absorbs water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins differently, metabolism is frequently the determining factor in how much nutrients your body can absorb from food.

How does one go about attaining a high metabolic rate given that we know how vital it is?

There are several strategies to boost your metabolism, and one of them is to eat the correct foods.

Experts and nutritionists advise that planning your meals ahead of time can be helpful to you in the long run. Meals On Me assists you in better, easier, and more productive weekly and monthly meal planning.

Healthy Meal Plans to keep your Body Shape by Meals on Me!


Our low-carb Keto meal plan is healthy because it provides calorie-counted options for your day’s meals.

Our ketogenic meals induce the metabolic state known as ketosis in your body. Ketosis occurs when the body switches from using glucose as its primary fuel source to burning lipids. When this happens, the body produces ketones as a byproduct of burning fat, which is subsequently used to power the body.


In Dubai, we provide the most colorful vegan, weekly, and monthly vegetarian meal plans!

A vegetarian or vegan diet plan is a healthy alternative that boosts metabolism by increasing post-meal calorie burn. Our protein-rich vegetarian and vegan meal plans include tofu, cottage cheese, pulses, chia seeds, quinoa, almonds, chickpeas, and beans, as well as a variety of vegetables, green leafy veggies, grains, and lentils.


Supper meals are the real deal with our Wholesome office lunch and dinner healthy meal plan.

Our Wholesome meal plan employs whole grains instead of processed grains and foods that are closer to their natural state. According to research, consuming more whole grains and unprocessed foods promotes calorie loss by decreasing calories retained after digestion and increasing metabolism.


Our weekly and monthly Indian meal plans provide you with healthy gastronomic treats from a cuisine recognized for its diverse flavors and jaw-dropping variety.

With our nutritious choices that are light and wonderfully delicious, we dispel the stereotype that Indian food is oily, hot, and unhealthy. Our healthy Indian meal plan promotes fitness by increasing metabolic rate with the use of spices, herbs, vegetables, grains, legumes, cereals, and meat.


This healthy meal plan provides you with the best foreign cuisine.

With our international office lunch and dinner selections, you can get your metabolism going. Each meal is prepared with protein-rich foods and vegetables that are high in minerals and other necessary nutrients to improve your metabolic rate.


With our healthy weekly and monthly Arabic meal plans, you may enjoy the immense variety and flavors of Arabic cuisine!

Do you want to boost your metabolism? Then select from our Arabic office lunch and dinner menu. Because it incorporates lean proteins, healthy fats, veggies, and grains into practically every dish, Middle Eastern cuisine is one of the healthiest. The beautiful thing about our Arabic meal plan is that it is mostly made up of natural foods like olive oil, lentils, fruits and vegetables, and unrefined grain goods.

To conclude and maintain your level of cholesterol the least we have to say is a healthy meal plan – A healthy lifestyle is associated with more than only fat loss or weight management. It is also a sign of your overall physical and mental health. Hence, if you want to keep fitter, you must make the wise decision of eating balanced and healthy meals. Subscribing to Meals On Me’s nutritious weekly or monthly Lunch Or Dinner meal plans now will make your life easier and healthier!

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