We all know that Dubai is widespread for its stunning cars, luxurious lifestyle and long skyscrapers touching the clouds. So the budget here is also expensive. If you are a working professional or a traveler (for weeks or months) who wants to enjoy the city as a whole without wasting time cooking everyday meals, Meals On Me (MOM) has a healthy meal plan delivery (Dubai). Also, if your priority is to save money and time and be more careful about daily expenses, you have come to the right article. This article will guide you on how to set up your strategy to save your daily and monthly budget in various ways.

Living in Dubai

From a humble village where fishing was their primary source of revenue to the Middle East’s costliest city, Dubai has undergone quite a changeover in the last few decades. If you are dreaming of sunning yourself and enjoying the lifestyle of Dubai, you must set a strategy to plan your daily budget & your monthly budget. You can determine the areas where you can use different discounted apps, services, and free deliveries to help you stay on the budget. Let us look at the various expanses professionals make after landing in Dubai.

Rent or apartment

Housing is one of the most significant outlays one has to incur in Dubai. But rather than buying a house, professionals can start with a rented house. It is because a 1-bedroom flat in mid-level areas starts from AED 23k to AED 24k. So, they can save money by living on rent. Again, if you are not shifting with your family & you are a singleton living in the emirate, you can share an apartment with a flatmate. That can be a professional from the same office or any other job sector. That way, the budget will also be cut short.

Daily transportation cost

You can also reduce the transportation cost if you choose your apartment or rented house near your office. Also, using public transport or choosing office cabs can cut short your day-to-day transportation expenses. There are numerous public transport networks like buses, metro, ferries, and trams. These can allow residents to commute safely and affordably.

Buying groceries and daily meals

We often remain so busy that we forget to prepare a tasty and healthy meal. Rather a lot of professionals and residents buy from nearby shops and eat junk every day. It will eventually deteriorate our health. Therefore, to avoid taking your busy hours in the grocery and going home to cook for long hours, one can take a meal subscription from top service providers. It will reduce the budget & will deliver a healthy meal to your doorsteps. Meals On Me is one of the top brands & meal service providers that offers delicious and healthy meal plan delivery provider on a subscription. MOM is an affordable meal plan delivery in Dubai. They can provide healthy monthly meal plan delivery for your family, your office lunch, and anyone who needs a precise amount of diet.


While it will be stressful spending the weekend without fun and entertainment, it is feasible to have fun in Dubai without spending too much. One can go to movies or recreation hubs to release all stress. If you are a group of professionals who stays in an apartment, you can watch movies at home on projectors or large smart TVs. It will be cost-effective, But often making dinner while watching a movie or web series with friends becomes hectic work. But again, without snacks or tasty dinners, the weekends will be boring. So, without wasting time and money, you can also book satisfactory & mouthwatering dinners from Meals On Me. MOM offers a comprehensive variety of cuisines you can choose from to complete your weekend evening. MOM provides a healthy meal plan delivery (Dubai).

Use discount apps

There are numerous apps and online services to give discounts and reductions on various services like booking tickets, food, salons, restaurants, etc. Many apps provide cashback on every buy. Through these apps & online services, one can save money and prepare an appropriate budget. One example is Meals On Me. This online service offers healthy monthly meal plan delivery at your doorsteps. They do not charge for home delivery and provide affordable meal plan delivery in Dubai.

Benefits of having a healthy & tasty meal

We often get bored eating the same meal every day. Also, it becomes too time-consuming to go to the kitchen and cook something delicious. Cooking food in the home kitchen also requires the preparation and marketing of groceries. All these pre-arrangements also take time. To minimize all these efforts, one can go for healthy weekly meal plan delivery. Meals On Me offers affordable meal plan delivery in Dubai. Their healthy meal plan delivery (Dubai) is cost-effective and time-saving. Before going into the benefits of Meals On Me’s subscription meal plan, let us explore the benefits of having a healthy meal.

  • A proper diet will keep you in good shape.
  • With a proper dieting format, the diet system will prepare your body to burn fats instead of carbs for fuel.
  • Without proper nutrients, our body becomes weak. Therefore, a healthy meal at an appropriate time is essential for the body.
  • A healthy meal with all the nutrients, like proteins, fats, carbs, minerals, etc., will preserve our brain from fatigue.
  • A proper and healthy meal will keep your bodily functions engaged and your energy level up.
  • Healthy meals on time will also keep our blood sugar problem under control.
  • Timely meals also prevent hunger pangs, stomach contractions, acidity, etc.

How can Meals On Me (MOM) save the time and money of an individual?

In the most extensive metro cities where everyone’s life is busy, wasting time on petty activities like cooking meals and daily food for office lunch or dinner does not worth the time. But skipping a healthy lunch can also deteriorate health. Therefore to keep up with healthy food without cooking, you should try Meals On Me. It is a top-notch healthy meal plan delivery (Dubai) service provider. They offer healthy weekly meal plan delivery so that you do not waste time and money going to grocery shops or eating unhealthy and junk food from the streets. This section will dive deep into the nitty-gritty of how Meals On Me (MOM) can help you save money and time.

  1. Everyone says, “Time is Money.” So, if you are busy with your personal or official work and do not want to waste time cooking your meal, Meals On Me is there to back you. MOM will provide you with free time. How? You do not have to prepare your meal or go to grocery stores to shop for veggies and other items like salt, spices, etc. Then, spending two to three hours cooking is also hectic. To save time & money, you can take the healthy monthly meal plan delivery from Meals On Me. They provide healthy and delicious meals on a subscription basis.
  2. Healthy meals and eating them on time is always a great habit for life. Meals On Me is an outstanding healthy meal plan delivery (Dubai) service offering fantastic & healthy dishes. So you do not have to skip lunch. Meals On Me’s affordable meal plan delivery in Dubai keeps you in good health & saves you money on medical bills. Medical and hospitals in Dubai are expensive. So, it is better to eat healthily rather than spend lots of money on treatments and medication.
  3. You can directly save money through the meal plans offered by Meals On Me. It offers a superb combination of various meals for your lunch or dinner. All the meals they offer are delicious and healthy, yet affordable. Therefore, you can enjoy guilt-free eating. The professional cook of Meals On Me precisely measures the fats, carbs, and other nutrients so that all customers can remain in proper shape. You can choose from an incredible line-up, starting with Vegan/Vegetarian, Keto, Indian, Wholesome, International, and Arabic, all at an affordable cost than online food apps and restaurants.
  4. Cuts deliver time and money: Often customers feel irritated because the delivery person will ask to come down from the apartment to take the delivery. Such actions often waste the customers’ time and distort the mood. To eliminate this, Meals On Me guarantees doorstep delivery. Along with affordable meal plan delivery in Dubai, MOM does not charge extra for delivery (free delivery on every meal). There is no additional or hidden charge associated with any order. Thus, customers can save time and money through MOM’s premium delivery.

Conclusion –

Healthy meal plan delivery (Dubai) is an outstanding service that one can opt for to reduce their daily, weekly, or monthly budget yet eat healthily. If you are in a rut of your hectic work schedule, going through back-to-back meetings, or want to enjoy your weekends without cooking or going to the kitchen, remember Meals On Me. Meals On Me offer the best quality, nutritious meal at an affordable price. MOM will not just save you money but time so that you can do more productive tasks as per your schedule. 

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