Get Ramadan eating tips from Meals On Me to stay energetic and healthy throughout the Holy Month.

The Muslim month of Ramadan is a time of fasting and reflection. For many people, it can also be a time of overindulgence and not meeting the daily requirements of nutrition.

Fasting during Ramadan also means being at a high risk of dehydration due to limited intake of food and drink is restricted to before sunrise and after sunset. Moreover, as fasting individuals are generally wake up quite early to have their Suhoor (or pre-dawn meal), sleep deprivation and dehydration can lead to headaches.

But with a little bit of knowledge and preparation, it’s possible to enjoy Ramadan while still staying healthy and fit. Here are a few Ramadan eating tips to help you survive the fasting month without too much trouble –

Never Miss Suhoor

How often have we heard the saying ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day! This adage gains more importance during Ramadan. There will be times when the powerful urge to sleep comes over. But don’t give in! Skipping Suhoor extends the time your body has to stay away from food. This could lead to low energy levels and dehydration. Having Suhoor also prevents you from overeating during Iftar. Make sure you eat enough before you start fasting. You don’t want to start the day feeling hungry and exhausted.

Don’t Overeat During Iftar

It can be tough to not give in to the cravings and have a lavish meal with family and friends after a day’s fast!! But then as good as it sounds, gorging on high-fat food is a no-no. Stay away from rich, greasy, fried, and sugary dishes.

Drink plenty of water and eat hydrating foods

Consuming more water, fluids and hydrating foods work wonders in replacing the water loss your body undergoes during the fast. Try to include fruits like watermelon, oranges, or opt for salads made from fresh garden veggies, cucumbers, tomatoes, and more greens. Stay away from sugar-laced drinks and aerated colas.

Go for a meal plan

Most of us have different schedules due to work or sending kids to school making it tough to cook a spread for family and friends. Given the hectic lifestyles, going for a meal subscription plan that offers you nutritious and delicious meals during Ramadan is the way to go. At Meals On Me, we offer Ramadan special meals that are crafted by UAE’s renowned chefs. Non-greasy, light, energising, and packed with goodness, our delicious Iftar meals for corporates and families help you savour the Ramadan spirit without cooking. What’s more, we offer free delivery on your favourite meals as well! Whether at home or work, you can now break your fast with your colleagues, friends, and family.

Practising these Ramadan eating tips can help you stay as healthy as possible while fasting. Enjoy the Holy Month with your near and dear ones and uphold the spirit of Ramadan!

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