Your office lunch is a meal that often does not get its due. It seems to get lost between meetings, presentations and what not!

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. Sadly, this pushes the afternoon meal on a lower pedestal.


Did you know that your office lunch has a direct impact on your productivity at work? And eating the right kind of nutrient-rich office lunch will not make you feel bloated or sleepy, on the contrary, keeps you alert and on the ball all day long!

Lunch is an important meal for everyone. It provides energy and nutrients to keep the body and brain working efficiently through the afternoon. Eating lunch raises your blood sugar level in the middle of the day, which gives you the energy you need for the rest of the day. It also enables you to focus.


We know that people on the go don’t have the time to cook a good and healthy office lunch. This makes them rely on not-so-healthy junk food options during their lunch break at work. The other option is that they skip the afternoon meal altogether.

Either of the above options can have a negative effect on health. The only way out of this is to opt for our nutritious office lunch options.

Want to know how our healthy meal plans actually help you sail through the day? Then read on!

Eat Healthy In Every Bite

One of the main reasons that got us started was to provide healthy meals to busy people from all walks of life. Staying true to this goal, all our meals score a perfect ten when it comes to nutrition. Right from our inception, we have been adding ease and health to the lives of our patrons with our fresh and deliciously healthy Lunch Or Dinner meal plans. Till date, we have served over 70 nationalities and cater to 1000 customers daily.

Using only the freshest and the finest ingredients along with non-GMO produce, each meal that comes out of our kitchen nourishes your body and soul.

Healthy cooking methods like steaming, baking, braising and boiling are used by our experienced chefs. These methods lock in the nutrients of the food thereby giving you maximum nourishment and flavours. To keep the food closer to its natural form, we do not use preservatives and additives.

We Take Care Of Your Meal Planning

Deciding what to eat and doing the meal prep for it can be a chore that eats away at your time and energy. Pass it on to us and we will do it for you! Given the fast-paced lives, it surely does not hurt to get some free time in the day.

You can happily let go off these tasks – zeroing down on the food that you will eat, go grocery shopping for it, do the meal prep painstakingly, spend hours in the kitchen cooking up the meal and, (if that was not enough) cleaning up the mess in the kitchen and doing dishes!

Right from deciding the meal that you will eat to meal prepping to cooking and then delivering your favourite food to you in eco-friendly & ergonomically designed packaging – we take care of it all!

Instead of spending close to 4 hours a day behind your meal, you need to spare just 5 minutes a week or month to select your meal preferences, checkout, choose the menu & get your meals delivered for free at your office or home! Isn’t this simply great?

Save Money While You Eat With Us

Whether it is takeaway from the restaurant or ordering food on your food app, it does burn a hole in your pocket when done often. To save you the hassle of ordering regularly and spending wads of money on it, we bring you our affordable lunch and dinner meal plans.

Modestly priced, our meal plans let you save more money with free doorstep delivery! You get free delivery on every meal that you order from us at no extra cost.

All our prices are inclusive of VAT and free delivery – there are no hidden charges to scare you. You pay only for the food.

Jaw-Dropping Variety Of Meals

Food that’s varied not only tastes better but also gives you more nourishment. Our weekly and monthly plans are loaded with varied cuisines and delectable dishes. Pick your favourite from our 6 cuisines – Keto, vegan/Vegetarian, Wholesome, International, Arabic and Indian.

Besides these, we also offer Flex and Top Sellers Plans. With Flex you get to relish meals from all 6 cuisines. As the name suggest, if you choose Top Sellers Plan, the menu comes with only the ‘most ordered’ dishes.

What makes our lunch and dinner plans unique is that we let you make your own menu by choosing from almost 25 dishes a day.

We don’t do boring meals and menus. We simply love to make your office lunch and dinner at home an exciting affair – that’s why we change the menu every week for you.


Loaded with so many benefits, it is no surprise that Meals On Me has climbed up the ranks to become Dubai’s best meal plan service.

So, if you too want to join our happy and ever-growing family of patrons then jump on the bandwagon and stay conveniently healthy with us and save big bucks while you do that!

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